What is abnormal speed?

AbbyNormal Tuesday, 6/11/2024

I chose that name Abnormal Speed Racing because I have a sense of humor and I was born at Edward's Air Force base in the '50s. Edward's was the place where jets were breaking speed and altitude records daily. My old man was a honcho running some of the flight line operations. So growing up in the '60s with all the jet and space program stuff going on there were frequent stories about 'such and such happened as the craft approached abnormally high speeds'. And the results of those abnormally high speeds was either glory or disaster.

So as I was re-collecting track times after making a few big changes on my test track I drew up the chart below. As I learned as an engineer if you don't know your destination you may never get there. Now I know that abnormal speed lies just beyond Hell Fast. In my car building I know I've mastered Very Slow and currently working towards Average. Getting to Abnormal speeds is going to take some time and learning. Finding a community of people who are also on the quest to answer their own speed demons makes it more fun and interesting. 

And with a name like AbbyNormal you know I'm a fan of Young Frankenstein.


Good luck brother! Speed is out there... 

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When you find the right one, don't drop it! ;-)

It's a quest....never ending.

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dr_dodge 6/12/24

I used to go to edwards twice a year for decades.
I calibrated the avionics lab as a subcontractor.
It was the only place you could see a B52,
in paint that was more like a show car than military paint.
and all the displayed historic stuff on base,
the blackbirds, bell jet, x15 in dryden cafateria parking lot 

and I would stop at every intersection, read the name(s),
and mumble a prayer for them and what they did

the best "quote" that came out of Edwards
used to drink with one of the high ups from dryden when I was there
"you should see whats in the salt mines they can't show the public" 

and also tiny weird shrimp in the desert, who'd have thunk that


I grew up in that Desert hince the Name Desert Rat Racing... We made many trips to Edwards especially when they tested the Space Shuttle off the planes... Man I miss the Ole Stomping Grounds...

  • something about that area, I miss going there, too — dr_dodge
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AbbyNormal 6/13/24

Wow - Lots of great stories about desert - speed - history. My dad was a secret speed freak. He started as a B-17 / B-26 mechanic - flight engineer in WWII. Supported F-86 air operations in Korea and then retired as a Chief-MasterSeargent after the F-102 + F-106 programs in the early '60's. Bottom line was he was a master mechanics mechanic. But always a proper family man and while he would refrain from say owning a Mustang or a GTO, Many of the cars he owned (later working as a serice manage at a MOPAR dealer) would give any proper muscle car a run for it's money. 

All of that infected me to ride and race dirt bikes in the Nevada deserts. And to go on hopping up various vehicles I've owned. My secret speed freaking now happens with little cars in the garage at night. I'll close with one of the last cars my dad 'brought home' from the dealership after it was (no kidding) traded in by an little old lady from a nearby small town. A 1960 Chrysler 300 Super - Black - red leather interior - and factory 3 on the floor. When he got it in 1973 it had 48,000 miles on it. We called it the Batmobile and it went like a bat outta hell which I can recall as a high school senior who occasionally got the keys on a weekend. See ya all out on the track.

Abnormal Speed = Numbskull, Blueline, R-LO, Sam Haul E.T.C

  • Heck they may have unholy speed, which is just beyond abnormal speed, doesn’t matter cuz I’m just here to race. — AbbyNormal
  • Lol I only say that because my cars look good being Chewed up by the Guys! — Bent_Rod_Racing
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