What is the....

HotWheelsCalgary Sunday, 12/27/2020

..shortest " drag strip " 2 lane track out there?

Asking for a friend...lol...

Got some ideas floating around in my head and just want to see if any of them are logical.


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Mattman213 12/27/20

I bought my Son a neat little 2 lane incline that has a built in shop area below it and a piece that folds out and has a lift on it.  Its maybe a foot long maybe slightly longer if even.  Ill try to get a picture of it tomorrow if I can, I got it at Dolllar General for like $5-10 I believe.

Edit: found it, its called the Roof Top Race Garage set.


  • That's really cute! Lol! — HotWheelsCalgary
  • He LOVES the lift that folds out of the side. I send cars to him and ask for a "tune up". He puts them on his lift, makes some noises and then runs them down the little track portion as a "test drive" and then we race them on my bigger track. Its fun to watch for sure and I know he digs it! — Mattman213
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SpyDude 12/27/20

Here's your answer.  Found on (where else?) 3DBotMaker's own channel.

How about four whole INCHES of drag racing?


So ... would a track about 7 to 8 feet long be ridiculous?

Just doing some research and thinking. 

  • Not at all - my test drag strip is only 4’ long, and the ‘drag strip in a box’ is something like 3’. — SpyDude
  • Go for it. My current track is 10'5" long as that is all I have room for. — TuxMcBea
  • I like longer tracks but you have to do what you can with what space you have available! A scale 1/8 mile would be something like 10.3 feet which is pretty short. How long are the typical 6 laners without added track at the end, not very long at all. With the right setup, maybe a steep incline or even a very very slight one, a short track might be entertaining. — Mattman213
  • The Super 6’s are only just over 8’, so that is not an unreasonable length. — SpyDude
  • Hi Aaron, I know you're thinking about from one wall to the other. But what would be the length of your far corners. If it was 11 ft for example, you could likely fit a 9 1/2 to 10 foot track. — Your_Nightmare
  • My maximum is 100"... just a hair over 8 feet. — HotWheelsCalgary
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41-14 12/27/20

Talk to Mopar Mafia about his track Aaron. I believe Michael's track is approximately 10feet long and made for some exciting racing. 

  • I still think you should knock out a wall or two!!! Lol — 41-14
  • I will remember that.. thank you.. and actually we are looking at putting up a wall so we can remove the closet from that room to open up the front door area. — HotWheelsCalgary
  • Oh, just take over that entire room ....... — SpyDude
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