What to do when I'm in a country where tracks is expensive?

Car_boi Sunday, 12/12/2021

I recently joined RLD a week ago, by going to one of 3dbotmaker's old videos, the 1K subs video where it mentioned this website, and I went, and boy, oh boy the amount of Diecast Racing is insane! I'm simply flabergasted by the archives of info this place has.

I live in Southeast Asia, so importing stuff is an expensive no no. No body (I know of) has ever (or will ever) made a diecast racing channel here by racing or making stuff.

And the tracks are expensive at best, Not available in my country at worst. And I don't have my own income sources (also known as I'm only a teen). Why are curves 20$ + shipping?!

Do I have to move to a different country?


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InsaneG 12/18/21

Hello I'm also a teen from SE Asia and I've been through that.

Since I also don't have any income sources I had thought on making a track entirely out of cardboard. Since it's very inexpensive I gave it a go, built one from last year finished it early this year but it was not that great. The slope for the downhill must be steep enough so cars can have speed going thru turns (which is also cardboard) but yet it creates to much friction if cars skid on the side. I had worked it out using plastic book cover on turn edges but still it wasn't that much great. I had fun though in making it but cars kept getting DNFs  so I had to work out another plan. I also did some racing on some wooden planks last year but since we had other use for those I moved to the cardboard track back again to finish it. 

Thankfully a very nice and generous person had gifted me some track parts so I could make my track better (A huge THANK YOU  to you sir!) I built it over the old one (with a few modifications on the "mountain") and made it even longer. Now I have a very nice track but it still needs more improvements here and there.

Here are my suggestions.

•BEST OPTION: If you can't buy tracks, make one! There are a lot of materials to build tracks from. Be creative!                                                      •Ask your rents or relatives if they know a person living in the states so you could get parts.                                                                                    •Check out online stores for some mall pullouts or used HW tracks. You might be lucky to snag a lower than listed price.                                            

For your 2nd question, curves are that expensive since they are 3D printed and sold by orders not mass produced. 3D printers are expensive and not that cheap to maintain. Designing it is also needs quite work, you need to make that turn usable right?

For your 3rd question, no you shouldn't just to buy tracks. If you can't buy one just make a track instead. Better than moving overseas. Itmaybe cheaper to make one and you can design it to whatever you want!

If you want to visit my channel to see my creations here is the link youtube.com/c/SilverfoxRacing

Thanks for reading my comment :) Feel free to ask any questions too

  • Wow thanks, that helps a lot — Car_boi
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Deedose 2/5/22

Cardboard tracks is probably the best way to build a cheap track . I'l show you mine :If you have the time and patience , it's probably your best option . You can pratically do anything with cardboard . I do agree that cardboard isn't the best material to race on , but it still works pretty well .

  • That looks great! Good use of the styrofoam too. Love the double drop in the front. Very cool. — redlinederby
  • woah, that looks sick! — Car_boi

Our Chaos Canyon track is all handmade from scratch out of a high density foam board called Palight. Also, check out DRC's channel as they make their very impressive tracks out of cardboard and they look fantastic!.

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