What's up with clear wheels? I see a lot of people putting it on builds lately.

Car_boi Wednesday, 6/22/2022

Does it make the car faster? Or is it just a design choice?


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SpyDude 6/22/22

Yes, and yes. Depends on the look you're going for, and how well the wheels spin. If they work, use 'em 

I use clear wheels all the time in my builds when allowed in the race rules.  I just like the way they look.  They give you no advantage over black wheels (or any other color).  

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NDeavers80 6/22/22

From what I have heard the clear plastic is a different type of plastic than black. Black is the generic leftover waste of all the other plastic. 

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Numbskull 6/22/22

Clear wheels are faster.  Red cars are faster.  Everyone knows that.

  • So red carz and kleer wheelz iz moar fasta? WAAAUUGGHHH!!! — SpyDude
  • Hell yes. — Numbskull

they are slightly lighter so if they spin good then they are easier to get moving compared to black ones... so pairing good clear wheels with a perfectly balanced heavy car can win races. It is almost comparable to using ftes

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