What's your fastest 2014 Hot Wheels mainline so far?

redlinederby Tuesday, 5/20/2014
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GspeedR threw out that his fastest 2014 car is the Civic EF.

What are your findings so far?


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KandORacing 5/20/14

So far I have discovered that the '68 Mercury Cougar stock car (comes in white or red) seems to be decently fast. Runs high 2.30s to low 2.40s on my Dragtracks track with only 1 section of track between the start gate & transition ramp.

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GspeedR 5/20/14

Good point, K&O...I haven't rolled the new Cougar yet. I thought it was unusual for Mattel to give this car a "track use" designation, but I suppose they test em for a reason. I'll try to pick one up this weekend....they certainly aren't hard to find right now.

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tnfishdaddy 5/20/14

I have the white one but haven't cracked it yet. Need to keep my eyes open for the red.

  • For some reason my white one is just a tad faster than the red one. — KandORacing
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otp1 6/28/14

Diesel boy isn't bad not many out there

  • Dieselboy can be a great car, but unfortunately they changed it so it has even less metal in it now :( — KandORacing
  • Cool — otp1

Here is the newest one that I have found and I think it is likely the one to beat for all 2014 releases.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if it did! Those F150s always seem to do good. — KandORacing
  • LWB plus lots of high-mounted metal, very hard to beat if the wheels roll. — GspeedR

And just like that, I think I have another contender.  On Saturday we saw a kid win with this vehicle on the 50 foot league track taking down Ferrari F40s along the way.  My son just opened one and the thing flies down our track and won a 32 car tournament, winning the championship against a 1997 Fire Eater that is really fast.

The Double Demon

  • Looks like a lot of weight on the bottom...that'll always help — redlinederby
  • was this at orange track racing I seen that thing too it was flying hahahah iam from saint louis — otp1
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