Wheel Help....

Koinhedz Monday, 2/6/2012

Just asking for a little help with wheels. The questions is about the diameter.

First which would you say is better?

This is just for tire size, not the actual car in any class or race.

Example: Car/Front/Back

Rx-7 small/small
Acura NSX small/medium
Lotus Concept meduim/large
Open Tracker large/x-large

Second any better in rotation?

Small .427 mm
meduim .490 mm
Large .578 mm
X-large .686 mm

Third width

most .210
X-large .297




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WorpeX 2/6/12

Although in this example, I would say that the NSX is the worst of those cars, I find that cars with a Small/Medium wheel up front and a medium/large wheel in the back are the best ones. This could be possibly because that is generally the majority of cars in the mainline though. I dunno, never really experimented too much.

in dealing strictly with wheels and not considering anything else at all, Larger is better. The wheels will have more rotating mass and will continue to spin longer. They will also have a slower hub rotation and this will help cut some friction. Now in real world practice, this will vary greatly from car to car. If any of this actually unlocked this secret, the world would probably stop spinning and that would be the end of gravity as you know it, and you'd just have to start all over.

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model40fan 2/7/12

ditto jason, it is all about pie, a 1/2" wheel turns 25% fewer times than a 3/8" wheel...but, axle to wheel friction trumps all no matter the size..

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GspeedR 2/7/12

First off...Welcome!!

One advantage of the "big wheel"(especially on cars with them on inner part of the 'tread' to contact the flat track surface. This reduced contact area is certainly beneficial for lowering friction, but I've noticed a modest compromise in stability on a few cars(the Deuce Roadster & Fiat 500c immediately come to mind).


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