Where to get Orange track?

Dan-Hay Wednesday, 8/11/2010

My name is Dan, and I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. This place is cool! I've read about the Austin diecast drags on the HAMB, and I want to build my own.. so I Just have a quick question.

I've studied the pictures and it seems simple enough, but was curious where to get the orange track. Is ebay the only option? Is there a preferred length? I was thinking 20'. Thanks for your help.


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Jobe 8/11/10

Hey Dan,

I grew up in Fort Worth and pretty much eveyone in my family lives there still.
You can get 18" length of orange track at most Toy R us stores, but I would hit up ebay and get a big lot of the good old stuff that is 2' long. Or you can keep your eyes peeled for the roll of Orange track Hot wheels made sme years ago.

Good luck and have fun


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markkaz 8/11/10

Yes, Toys R Us.

But I disagree with buying old track off of eBay. It is often flimsier with very low sidewalls. It also may have been manufactured over many different years and you will have very slight differences in the the angle of the sidewalls and the width of the track. This makes for bad connections between each piece of track and the possibility of the racers nicking the edges at each connection.

If you do have old track and are missing connectors, my connectors are Hot Wheels compatable.


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