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redlinederby Monday, 7/1/2013
Site manager

Thought I'd try a little different "prize" for some tournaments this season, a Winner's Choice tournament.

The player that enters the winning car in a Winner's Choice tournament will get to select all 16 cars that will race in one of the following week's tournaments (RLD home track only).

The winning player will be contacted by email and be provided with a list of available cars to pick from, which will include all cars except those that are in player's garages at the time. And yes, that means Hall of Fame cars can be picked! (I thought about having all cars be eligible and seeing it as a strategy of sorts, but decided against that for now...maybe in the future.)

If the player doesn't respond to emails before the necessary deadline, the tournament will be seeded with random cars.

Good luck!


Cool idea. I assume since this seems to be done manually, all HOF cars that are entered and don't make it through would still be locked and out of play the following week--correct?

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WorpeX 7/1/13

Very cool idea!!

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redlinederby 7/1/13
Site manager

@Iowa - Yes, the HoF cars will remain HoF cars and off limits otherwise following any tournament they are in. However, it's possible (and maybe likely) that a HoF car would win the tournament and would be in the championship, so there's a chance of there not being a new HoF car this season.

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FOTF 7/3/13

Sounds intriguing; just one question--I take it there won't be extra points for picking the winning car?

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redlinederby 7/5/13
Site manager

@FOTF - Correct, since there will be no player entry, there will be no bonuses - just straight up points from your picks.

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redlinederby 7/14/13
Site manager

Congrats to player Rat Race for winning the first Winner's Choice tournament. They entered Impavido 1 in the tournament and that car ended up winning. Rat Race will get to select the 16 cars that get entered in an upcoming tournament (TBD).

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