World's smallest Hot Wheels

Scottman27 Saturday, 8/11/2018

Not sure if anyone here has seen these,but very cool, world's smallest Hot Wheels,they really work and are metal too this one is from series 1, and series 2 is out now and will be a series 3, they also have Track sets three right now.also the have the old school Mag Wheel carrying case.


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Dadvball 8/11/18

That's interesting. I haven't seen them around here yet but not knowing about them haven't looked either. 

Who's going to be the first to host a race?  What will the weight class be lol?

Thanks for the info. This might make a nice desk top set up. 

  • Yeah they are part of the worlds smallest toys line. you can go to and you can see the whole line. on their website there is an action shot of the drag strip track set and as god as my witness a yellow Don the Snake funny car and s blue Mongoose are racing down the track. they did carry them at Toys R Us but those closed, you can find them at Cracker Barrels. you can find them on Ebay too but their website should tell who all carrys these. — Scottman27
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Scottman27 8/13/18

Added a new photo to show iam not crazy,the picture on the left from the catalog shows the snake and mongoose funny cars on the track.

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Rusty 8/14/18

Our local target has them,an Isle over from the diecast..

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Scottman27 8/14/18

Teah I went to my target thry carry them, but didnt have any of the hot wheels, Amazon carries them . I cant wait for the Drag Strip thst will have the Snake and Mongoose Funny Cars.

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