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Dadvball Wednesday, 4/27/2016

Theres been a few WTA races lately and I'm just not understanding something. I haven't entered any of them for the simple fact that if I'm entering one of my fastest cars (don't have many by the way lol) and should I be lucky enough to win, why would I settle for getting someone else's replacement car because they lost but want their fastest car returned?  To me it defeats the purpose of WTA. 

People can run their races however they want, and I'm fine with that. I only enter races I'm interested in. Just like I only buy castings I'm interested in. No problem. I just think that if I'm sending a fast car and I win, I'd like all the fastest cars that were beaten. If I lose my fastest car goes to the winner.  That's the risk you take.

If you've ever watched those pink slip drag races on TV, the loser doesn't get to substitute another car when he lost.  Just wondering. 


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72_Chevy_C10 4/27/16
Event coordinator

I think a Winner Take All race is just that...to the winner go the spoils! No substitute cars...no 'if I lose, then send this car in stead'. 

If you aren't willing go lose your car, then you shouldn't be racing in a winner take all race...period.

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Just_Will 4/27/16

I always took "winner take all" to mean that only the winner gets a prize. No 2nd, 3rd place prizes. 

 Now the prize depends on the host. If the prize is "pink slip" then they should get all the cars racing. If the prize is something that you contribute as a racer then that's the prize. Just hope that the entrants are submitting something that they would want to win.

The term "winner takes all" is being confused with "racing for pinks" as Danny Zuko would say.

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2seven 4/27/16

Agree, if you run and win, you get all the cars! You lose and you lose your build. Risk = Reward


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fordman 4/28/16

ever stop to think how much easier it is for the finals host to just mail all the cars to 1 address, instead of 16 separate... if in doubt host a finals...

  • That's one of the main reasons I like WTA races, Smitty! — 72_Chevy_C10
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redlinederby 4/28/16
Site manager

I thought we already talked about this? Hmmm...

Anyway...I agree that if the race stipulates that the winner gets all the entry cars, then that's the way it is. No substitutes or replacements. We allowed replacements for the Derby Dash and it was less than ideal. The risk is what makes the race fun and exciting. If you don't want to lose your car, either don't enter or enter a car you wouldn't mind losing. Simple as that.

As for Will's comment...I think he does have a point with "pink slip" compared to "winner take all" - however, race rules should help clarify - so be specific when you post!

Even with that said, I would recommend we denote them as "Pink Slip" races because that's more universally understood. "Winner takes all" could mean various things, as he pointed out. 

I'll also keep this in mind while I'm building our tracking system, that way a pink slip race can be a checkbox and have a big warning label with it :)

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redlinederby 4/28/16
Site manager

I made an "official" post regarding pink slip races and tournament prizes. Please continue any further discussion regarding prizes over there.


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