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My wife had a conference today and one of her co-workers made our unborn daughter a wonderful gift.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Who says you can't make Hot Wheels girly? Apparently my love of Hot Wheels and running this site has made me (and by extension, you) the running gag amongst her teacher friends. Well, so be it because in it go my daughter this kick ass retro carrying case! Pretty sweet if you ask me, even with all the glitter.

It shall sit on a shelf waiting for her to have fun with it. Whether or not she puts Hot Wheels in it remains to be seen, but I'd be tickled if she carried it around for any reason...hell, stuff it with Barbie shoes for all I care.

That is rad!

Very nice! That case has an iconic shape that every child should become familiar with...and "Penny" surely will.

I won't lie, Brian. I make fun of you with my teacher friends every time we get together. This was a pretty cool gift though.

pretty cool... notice how with a pair of scisors you can make Penny into Perry... someone was thinking ahead

Well, my daughter just turned three, and for now...well for a while now Hot Wheels have been one of her favorite toys. Lately, every night I get home she wants to play "race track". cherrish... too soon her main interest in cars will be getting you to toss her the keys

They may joke, but it's obvious that they care!

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