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YouTube Diecast Series (Multi-Track Series)

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Driver name: Anita Cookie 

Team: Cookie Batches! 

Number 96 if available please! 



Can I play, too?

Johnny Smack, #6, Floridia, USA, Ruckus Racing.

2 spots left. 8 standbys.

Hey there, I'd like to steal one of those few remaining spots

Still need to think of a name (my usual drivers don't have "full names") and number (0 is already taken, so unless you allow "00" I'll have to take another)

From Quebec Canada

  • I'll add you to the list. Just let me know the name and number when you figure it out. I'd prefer no duplicates with an added 0 just so each is unique. If you check out the page t hough, it lists everyone and in order so easy to pick out. — WeRaceDiecast
  • will call you Paul Truman for now lol — WeRaceDiecast
  • also need a team name as well. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Yeah I forgot, team is Underdogs_Unleashed (U_U) and I read just first names are also okay, so I'll go with Blake and number 98 is that okay? — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • that works. got you down. — WeRaceDiecast
  • I changed my mind about the driver, let's make Jamie Z Cray drive this one :) — Underdogs_Unleashed

Just two quick questions:

1-does it have to be road legal models only? Or is licensed race cars allowed?

2-"number on top" has absolutely to be on the roof or can be on hood? (As if I'd use a convertible car or have a huge decal already on the roof)

  • road legal models. Convertibles don't need it for obvious reasons lol. And their shouldn't be a decal on the roof except for the number. You can only use stock paint if you will be applying heavy decal work to make it look original. No stock decals should be on the car. — WeRaceDiecast

Can I sign up?

Marcus Firegone, 78, Ontario, Canada, Snow Valley Racers

  • Yes sir got you signed up! — WeRaceDiecast
  • My car is built but I'm still waiting on decals. I ordered them from Rust Belt Customs but they got lost in the mail. He is sending me a second set. Do I still have time to send it in or am I too late? — MarcusFiregone
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DamDiecast 9/1/21

can I sign up??



USA (Florida)

Team: DamDiecast Racing

  • Got you signed up, but I need you to go back and read the rules. Need a first and last name driver name and you picked a number already given away. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Driver- Cliff "Motorbreath" Mikels — DamDiecast
  • #70 — DamDiecast
  • Thanks, updated your info. — WeRaceDiecast

All spots have been filled, but we have 8 STANDBY spots available in the event someone falls out or misses the deadline.

Would like a spot

Driver: Shaun DeLong (D-Lo)

Number: 68

Team: Code 3 Motorsports 

Louisville, KY 

  • I added you to the Standby List. If and when a spot opens up, you will be able to fill it. Please don't send a car in just yet. If/when someone drops off, I'll get ahold of you and let you know. You will get a little extra time if this does occur. Lastly, #68 was already taken if you can look through the list and find a new number. — WeRaceDiecast
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Roracer21 9/2/21

I'm all in



Team:ro racing 

  • I can add you to the standby list, but you will need to reread the rules. Thanks. — WeRaceDiecast

Can I be in? 

driver name: Jon Vista
Number: #23
Country: Illinois, USA
Sponsor: Jonnys Speed Shop

  • I got you added to the STANDBY List. As soon as a spot opens up I"ll let you know. Don't send a car in until you get word you have been added though. I'll give you a little extra time to get a car in, since you are on standby. Thanks. I also bumped you up to #1 on STANDBY as well. Since you have given me all correct information. Thanks! — WeRaceDiecast

Too early to have this car done?

  • Looking good! and hell no, get that bad boy here! — WeRaceDiecast

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