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GTRguy83 Monday, 5/18/2020

My wife and I have been busy getting several cars ready for upcoming events. We each have a car prepared for a custom race over at rust belt and we have noticed something. I have my car sitting on hot wheels shoes and hers sits on zuru. Axles are polished and graphited, both cars are aligned and axles fixed in place. We have sent them down the test track and the zurus seem consistently faster. Has anyone had any similar results? We have a few more to build and if this is coming I will be looking more towards zuru for wheel farming in the future.


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Uncle_Elvis 5/18/20

Consistently? No.  Really depends specific set to specific set.  Sometimes a set of real riders is faster than a standard Hot Wheels set.  Likewise, I have not found Zuru wheels to always be faster than Hot Wheels ones.  Having said all of that, I have a few Zuru castings that are definitely faster than comparable Hot Wheels cars.

The track type and set up really effects speeds as well.  

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Chaos_Canyon 5/18/20

I have found most of the Zurus to be pretty consistent, and fast, out of the box. In fact in my last two tournaments, even though it was won by hot wheels, the Zurus were second (and only just) with some very close racing. 

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redlinederby 5/18/20
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Also some good Zuru discussion over here. Just for reference.

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Cutty_Marc_D 5/23/20

Zuru Wheels,

My humble observations over some time now. (Though there are many great experts here!) Chaos_Canyon, yep as an inexpensive lightweight car, they certainly punch well above their weight division! For the US folk, over in Aus, Zurus are $1 au (about 65c US), mainline HW are $2-3 au, ($1.30 US to about $2 US, depending where you shop.

Zurus excel in the new "flinging/slinging" drag racing style (ie lamchops world) being lightwight great wheels. (they are also robust in a "poke" bag as their axels are 1mm, about 20% larger than HW)

My anecdotal findings... I find more unbalanced HW wheels than Zuru wheels. But to be elite, like LoS says, you have to farm, farm, farm, to find those "butter" wheels. I have found many good zuru wheels, however, none that reach that HW butter stage, rolling on forever and a day. I view plenty of competitions as well, and up to this point, do not see many zuru wheels used. However, I am one for trying all sorts of things, in many different ways, so will keep on the quest. With Zurus here, half the price of HW, why not try?

Just one last observation on Zurus...Surprised that after all this time, it is still the original castings in the same two colours? Hello Zuru?

Cheers all, just my small obs.

  • Totally agree. I have had some awesome Zurus and some that roll like a dog. Price in NZ is about $1.50 compared to $3+ for HW. I'm guessing they're using the same castings and changing colours as it keeps the costs down for them. But at $1.50 they are a great and insanely cheap option for gathering wheels for swaps. I tend to throw a couple in my trolley when I'm buying and HW for that idea. Plus at a 2 for 1 price point it makes sense :) — Chaos_Canyon

Yep. I have a stock zuru that is really fast, even passes through some of my customs. Since I only have one I left it as it is, but I'm thinking of getting another one just for the wheels.

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madmax 5/26/20

I am going to have to check these cars out, I have always left them in the store. 

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