Haywood Valley Raceway

Total length
Road course



I started putting this track together back in the beginning of August of this year. The track theme idea was to start the race at the top of a mountain forest that decends into a farmland and then into a downtown street area. My hope is that we will be able to post some fun races on our YouTube channel (Chase Family Racing) and also host small mail in tournaments once the track is fully dialed in. Hopefully by January 2023 we can get something going. It's been fun and also maddening working on this track. It's especially annoying when all of a sudden, something that has been working, becomes a problem. Ugh.  My goal is to make this a race worthy, competitive track. I decided to go with 2 lane racing for now, instead of an open track format. Even though open track can be fun, I really like to see the fastest car win instead of the luckiest. Currently the track is working good and the theming is getting there. 

**Update 2-6-23** The super nice creator of the Play Robotics start gate/finish timer replaced my starting gate, free of charge. New gate is working well, I have installed a 2 lane crossover and a 180 degree 2 lane turn with a crossover from Spool Heads. They are really well made and have improved the overall track performance. 

If you have a track (any style) and want to have an informal channel vs channel, team vs team race..... let's do it.