Pacific Rim Speedway

Managed by Kaiju_Colorado

About this track

My motivation to build a 1:64 scale track came from two friends who introduced me to the 3dbotmaker YouTube channel. Pacific Rim Speedway is a step away from the conventional raceway scene. Cars race through a city being attacked by Kaiju all the while Jaeger are defending the city. The city will be a full diorama of details to explore when it is all finished.

A total of 6 action cameras will be used, to include 4 fixed positions, 1 finish line, and 1 motion stabalized camera. The track will also have street lights to allow for low light/night racing as well. The footprint of the track is contained on a 4-ft x 8-ft platform. The start gate is located 6-ft above the floor, and the finish line is located 3-ft above the floor. So the full length of the track,  which is a total of 34.75-ft, is contained in a 8-ft W x 3-ft H x 4-ft D cubic area. The framing and supports are all made from lumber that I measured and cut, and the track itself is made up of Hot Wheels flat tracks, Crash Racers straightaway and banks, and miscellaneous custom 3D printed parts from Slanman Customs, including a start gate with timer, 45° dual lane curves, track connectors, track anchors, and trusses.

A couple unique landscape additions to the track will be a 5.5-ft long grid iron bridge that will span the length between the start gate and the first 90° turn, as well as sewer pipes providing support to a carved out cave that the cars race through.