1932 Bugatti Hot Wheels

RobertBcfc Thursday, 10/24/2019

Looking for some guidance on the 32 Bugatti.  It ran from 81 through to 2006 - the castings look great, especially in black and red, but does anyone know if there are any standouts in terms of speed?

I've never tried one so wanted to get your thoughts.  Not expecting any to be a world beater, just wondering if any stand out from the crowd?


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redlinederby 10/24/19
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This is the one you're after, yes?

I'm not sure if I have that one or not...something close to it that is Old Tyme like that, and it's pretty good. In general, if the wheels are good, those old metal/metal castings are pretty good. It has a pretty long base with wheels at the corners, so should do well. Might boil down to how narrow the car is and how bad it swerves in the lane.

Just looked...I do have one of the Bugatti variants and it is pretty well ranked coming out of the old fantasy league database. Definitely one you could build on or lube up stock and add some speed.

  • Thanks, that one actually looks better than the one I was going for. Appreciate the feedback - have added it to my shopping list — RobertBcfc
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