2015 Matchbox Rip-N-Roll

Saturday, November 7th, 2015
redlinederby Friday, 7/17/2015
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This will be the last official RLD tournament of 2015 as November/December are just too busy for most people to deal with modding, shipping and whatever else. Nothing fancy about this one either, so find yourself some stock Matchbox cars and send them in.


Traction Event adds another trophy to his mantle after taking on some tough competition from K&O Racing. K&O raced his way out of the loser's bracket into a Finals match with TE, taking the first win. But the rematch saw Traction Event take the checkered flag.

See the complete results bracket on Challonge.com

Congratulations, Traction Event!


Check the latest posts below for more highlights.


Rules & Restrictions

  • Limit 2 entries per household
  • Must be Matchbox brand casting
  • No weight limit
  • Max 3.25" long by 2" high. Width should fit on standard HW orange track
  • Un-modded, stock cars only*
  • Dry lubes only

*Cars do NOT have to be unopened on the card to qualify. The only requirement is that the car you send in is not modified in anyway. So if you have a loose stock car in your collection that you know is fast, you can send that in to race. Entries not received on a card will be inspected for modifications.


The winner of this tournament will get all the entered cars, less any cars that people want returned.

How to enter

Make a post to this thread with your intentions, or just mail your cars to the address below before November 7.

Please include an ID card with your entry so we can be sure your car gets returned and labeled properly

Please include $2 with your entry if you want your car returned. If you do not want your entries returned, they will be included in the prize winnings.

Send entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Scoring and Winning

This will be a double-elimination, heads-up tournament. No lane switching. No points or scoring. The car that goes until the end wins. Bracket will be seeded randomly.


Cars that are not Matchbox brand will be DQ'ed and not included in the tournament. If there are any visible modifications to the car or drilled rivets, that car will not be included in the tournament.








K&O Racing


Rally Case Racing


Redline Derby




Traction Event


Crazy Trucker Dude



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For some reason I root for Matchbox to make a comeback, but it doesn't really matter anymore I suppose since Mattel owns both the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands.

Since this allows open cars, do we allow vehicles that have been lubed at some point in the past?

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redlinederby 7/18/15
Site manager

On pre-lubed cars - Lubed cars are allowed so long as it's just the dry graphite stuff and there's no modifications otherwise. So if you have past cars, that's fair game.

On extra prize cars - If you want to send along an extra car for the prize pot because you want your entry car(s) back, that's entirely up to you. I'm confident there will be plenty of cars entered that won't make a return trip so even if a few want their cars back, the pot itself will be hefty. And if for some reason it's a little thin, I'll make up the difference from my stash.

Gotta say, I'm kind of excited for this just because it's Matchbox and we don't see a lot of that...at least not in stock form. They will certainly be slower races but fun to see all the same.

  • Could you race any of the Matchboxes against some of the Fantasy League cars? — FOTF
  • Not sure I follow...? — redlinederby
  • You said they'll be slower races; you should put that to the test! See how the stock MBXs do against the Fantasy League's fastest stock HWs — FOTF
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redlinederby 9/24/15
Site manager

Just a reminder about this race...it'll be here before you know. Keep an eye out for some speedy Matchbox cars, do some test runs and pick the best.

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CrzyTrkrDude 9/24/15

Who was it that wanted to race the gator mobile in the ( truck race was it)?? 

Now's their chance.

I have a few Matchbox cars kicking around... looks like its time to run them off and see who gets sent in. 

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Traction-Event 10/13/15

Come on all let fill up the brackets and give Brian's track a workout with some fast Matchbox! Who all is in this? FOTF? Mo?

  • A familiar Laser Wheels Nissan (and its teammate, a LW Mercedes) should be in the mail within the next couple of days! — FOTF
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Traction-Event 10/13/15

Yup, I have a similar pair in my current top 5 Matchbox cars... We'll see what make the cut and gets sent in.

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Saleens281 10/14/15

Count me in just picked up two tonight as I was picking up the last pieces I needed for my track!

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KandORacing 10/15/15

We'll be racing in this!

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FOTF 10/15/15

Are there any MBXs--or other cars for that matter--that anyone in this race is looking for? If I have them, would be willing to part with them, and have time to look for them, I might be able to include them as prizes (assuming anyone's able to beat the Nissan and the Mercedes). As for myself, I'm looking for some of the metal-based MBX police car Crown Vics with lace wheels, such as the white one from the Heroes series.

Let me know!

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Traction-Event 10/15/15

Yup, those Crown Vic's are pretty fast...

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