2015 RLD Outlaw Pro Stock Challenge

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
KandORacing Sunday, 12/21/2014

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This series is a drilled rivets, modified series for Pro Stock cars (or trucks) from any era. Pro Stock cars require a parachute pack, hood scoop, and rear wing (vintage Pro Stocks are exempt from the wing rule.)

 - Any brand diecast pro stocks can be entered 

- Drilled Rivets

 - Weight limit of 60g (cars may be 1 gram over on first host's scale. All scales are different and small weight variances may occur unintentionally.)

 - No FTE or color shifter axles or wheels please. Skinny fronts or skinny 5 spoke fronts (these are only on the 2015 release of the new COPO Camaro) and 5 spoke rears only please.

 - Dry lubes only

 - Different chassis can be used (including gasser chassis)

 - Limit 3 cars per racer

Please get your entries to the first host by Saturday, April 4th please!

Send your entries to:

Bill Hicks

74 Chestnut Hill Drive

Seekonk, MA. 02771


 - Saturday, May 9th - Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club

-  Sunday, May 16th - C10 Dragstrip

- Sunday, May 24th - Jersey Shore Dragway

- Sunday, May 31st - Park Place Raceway

- Sunday, June 7th - Woodburn Dragstrip.


 -Custom trophy



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Traction-Event 12/21/14

Yes please...I'm in. 2 vehicles for me, one car, one truck.

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K_Harvest 12/30/14

I would like to host one of these races. Either april 19th or may 3rd. Add me in for 2 cars also on this. Thanks!

  • sorry, was scrolling, accidently touched the report as spam. my bad — CrzyTrkrDude
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KandORacing 1/2/15

Thanks kharvest! You're in as a host for May 3rd and down for 2 cars. I appreciate your volunteering as host.

I think this will be a challenging event, see what builders do to get these pizza cutter wheels to work and go fast...

my cars are getting a final tune up prior shipping out...

the time frame is tight around here but if you get in a pinch for hosts...let me know

  • Thanks Chris! I too am excited to see what everyone comes up with. Here at K & O Racing it is so far, so good with our Cobalt pro stock. — KandORacing
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K_Harvest 1/2/15

Most likely the cars I am going to use

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delta6 1/3/15

I'm in, 2 cars.

Nova Good, Yea? http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj515/majestik9/ProNova_zpse28a4c0a.jpg

  • for some reason cannot post the pic direct — Nightstalker
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KandORacing 1/5/15

Stalker, you can convert the Nova into a vintage Pro Stock car if you add a hood scoop & parachute pack. Being an older muscle car you don't need to add the rear wing, Pro Stocks really didn't have rear wings back then.

is April 26th open for hosting? The "Jersey Shore Dragway" will be available. http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj515/majestik9/RedlineDerby005-1.jpg

AND, the "Nightstalker Garage" will throw a couple of entries in as well. The 3 cars yet to be determined. Well, not ready to be reveled to the public. he! he! he!

Pics still not showing up!

  • Sweet! Thanks for offering to host, I will have you down for opening race. Glad to have you racing as well Stawka! — KandORacing
  • The 26th would be better for me. — Nightstalker
  • Oops..... I had a goofy moment there..... I'll get that corrected. — KandORacing
  • Not sure how I screwed that up like that — KandORacing
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Nightstalker 1/13/15

Hey!! Whats that on the trailer??? OH CRAP!!!! Must be a leaked pic of one of the "Stawka's Toy" cars being readied for the Pro Stock Challenge.  photo stawkastoy002_zps5ba9c0f6jpg

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Nightstalker 1/13/15

Toys I, and III coming. Nova Toy I, and Camaro Toy III.

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Nightstalker 1/16/15

 photo stawkastoy002_zpsf3ed8dab.jpg

  • Are those 5 spoke wheels on the Nova legal for this class? — Nightstalker
  • the ones on the trailer, yes...not on the Nova...but K&O makes the call — Traction-Event
  • also sneak peak at the Camaro...diggin them both. — Traction-Event
  • Traction Event is right, the type on the trailer itself are what I'm allowing for rears on the cars — KandORacing

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