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Numbskull 10/18/21

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  49.9g.

  • Numbskull, I hope you didn't send this as of yet as this was not a production vehicle for street use. There were only five of this model that you are showing me, and they were all made for racing .. The car had to be street legal and production for street not track. Now if that was a normal Stingray then you would be good . — RoadrageRacing
  • I'll make a new one. — Numbskull
  • '70 Chevy Nova on the way. — Numbskull
  • Without glue the rear axle was wobbly on that corvette. But I did like the paintjob. — Numbskull
  • Thank you for understanding.. I hate this part of hosting .. LOL — RoadrageRacing
  • No problem, and your track looks pretty cool, I can't wait to race on it. — Numbskull
  • Thank you, Hopefully you do great and take home the title. — RoadrageRacing
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Crumbum_2 10/18/21

I would like to enter plz

  • Sure.. You in.. Please read through the rules and if you have any questions please contact me . I will send you and address to mail your car. — RoadrageRacing

Finishing up my build. Does this qualify as a production vehicle for street use? 

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Numbskull 10/20/21

'71 GTX on the way.  49.5g.

I painted the front and rear window, and I just re-read the rules.  I can strip them if you need, but both side windows are wide open.   

Cheers, Numbskull. 

I also have another gtx I can steal the windshield out of.  I'll just swap-out the windshield before I mail it in.  lol.

  • As long I can see into the interior to inspect for interior . Then you are good. Thank you for checking in .. Cant wait to get these bad boys on the tracks. — RoadrageRacing
  • Looking good! — Jonnys_Speed_Shop
  • That’s a nice looking gtx ,that casting is pretty fast. — Rusty_Rod
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RoadrageRacing 10/20/21

hey guys and girls,   Just for clearity you can tint the front and back windows as long as I can see into then the car cleary from the side then..  This way to inspect for interior.   

Any questions please let me know . 

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KCLH_Racing 10/20/21

I see at least a couple brackets still open, still possible I could join?

Team: KCLH Racing 

Driver: Kyla Pay

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4thSun 10/21/21

Sign me up!

Will be heading your way on Monday. Jonnys Speed Shop / 32 Ford

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Uncle_Elvis 10/24/21

Pontiac heading your way

  • Love it . — RoadrageRacing
  • I love that you put a guy in the car .. — RoadrageRacing
  • Yeah, I hate it when convertibles race driverless. I can handle hardtops without drivers, but if you race a convertible, it needs a person. — Uncle_Elvis
  • LOL... I'm not at that level yet ..But I do enjoy seeing the detail . — RoadrageRacing
  • What level? Just put a S scale train figure in there with a little glue. As long as you do not take extreme close ups of them, they look fine. You are keeping this ride, so feel free to pop that guy out and reuse him yourself — Uncle_Elvis
  • I was going to ask you what scale that guy was or if you 3d printed it... And THANK YOU. — RoadrageRacing
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RoadrageRacing 10/27/21

Hey guys, 

As we approach the up and coming race, I am receiving cars and as race host and "INSPECTOR" it sucks that I have to make a decisions on if cars fail or pass inspection.  I will say that soem are stretching the rules a bit more specifically the "INTERIOR" rule.  Altering the interior to fit weights doesn't mean filling, removing all interior part and leaving door panels or filling the interior where I cant see if the interior is actually in the car ..  So I will say that if avaiable to take the car appart to inspect to see if the interior ( seat parts dash etc etc . ) I will have to do so (I will not be held responsible for failure of the car to fit back correct.  If the car is glued together NO attempt will be made to look it will just fail.

I appologize if maybe I was not clear on this aspect of the rules.   But for clarification and INTERIOR means I am able to see the dash, steering wheel, all or part of the front seat, parts of the back seat.  

Thanks for your understanding . 



  • So how are you not responsible if you take apart someone's car and damage it? — GremlinsRacing

5 DAYS LEFT for cars to be trackside for the AMDR. Here is an updated list of cars still not here:

4th SUN

If you have not confirmed with me that the car is on the way please do so.
Thank you

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