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When: Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bootleg Run was inspired by the early days of running Moonshine in the North Carolina foothills during prohibition and beyond. The roots of NASCAR come from these "Bootleggers" and their supped up cars made for out running G-Men and the local police. This is a 2 lane downhill road course and has a switchback called "The Reapers Switchback"...the first turn is known as "The Widow Maker" and the second as "The Soul Taker"...get through this gauntlet and you just might make your run to the bottom.

The inaugural race on Bootleg Run will feature Hot to the make the Run. This race will be a mix of Stock and Modded cars....which should be a fair mix since this is just not a cut and dry downhill gravity race.  

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight - 45 g max
  • Size restrictions- 3.25" L and 2" H (although a long wheel base and tall center of gravity might not be the best thing-racers call) 
  • Cars per entrant- 2 cars per entrant
  • Brand, body style-HW Hot Rods, actual real castings ex. 34 Ford and HW ex. Astro Funk, Tirer Fryer
  • Wheel limitations- NA
  • Stock cars allowed
  • Must be drilled rivets on modified cars
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements-Cars may be Modified or Stock, also can be one Mod and one Stock
  • Prizes

Certificate acclaiming your Championship on Bootleg Run and other goodies 

2011 Hot Wheels Show Rods - Fangula 

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

***If you want your cars returned, send $$$ with them***  

Where to send your cars

 PM me for race address

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

 All entries must be received by the host before 9/2/2017

Scoring and Winning

 Each car will be put into a bracket and must win two(2) in a row to advance to the next round.

A car gets one "do over" if it flies off the track per round a second time will count as a DNF and loss if opposing car finishes the run. 


 Just make weight and size and your good to go.

Tracks & Dates

 Bootleg Run - Labor Day Weekend

Winners and Results

Video will tell the tale of Bootleg Run

League of Speed

Soo Fast will be stock and Fast Cash modified 

The Bootleg Run track is still getting built but you can keep tabs on the progress...just check out the Bootleg Run build journal and photo diary.

LO$, love that blue "55 flip nose panel wagon. Don't suppose you'd part with it?

Just to be clear...your talking about this 56 Ford?

If so, pm your address and just pay it forward when the opportunity presents itself.

Yep thought it was a 55. That is a sweet piece. I'll send a pm.

here are the rods that I'm sending in for the boot leg inaugural race. I have a question, is the surf crate legal for this race? If so it will be my modder and the skull candy will be the stocker. This is the mock up, paint, axle jib chrome still to be done. Thanks

Surf Crate is a legal entry

Looking Good!!!

Welcome aboard...get ready to Run!!!


Lady of Speed

Speed Force Racing

Team Quicksilver

Pony Up Racing has informed me that their two cars will be the same casting but different color schemes like their Mustangs in Legends of Tobacco Road.

I believe I see a theme developing here :)

Just wanted to let you know I'm totally in on this one. I love Hot Rods! Couple of questions. If we're sending in 2 cars does one have to be Stock or can they both be modded. Also, you'd mentioned "actual real castings". Can we build our own Hot Rods? Sometimes when I'm doing a wheel swap I also like to do engine swaps...or pipes... or chop the top...or whatever? Are we ok to do some body modifications?

Yes, they can both be modified and you can do all the swapping you please...glad you're on board for the race.

Also, White Knuckle Ride RT sent me a text about Hi-Roller and Great Gatspeed.....and yes, they are legal castings. Now, I'm not going to run that long of a wheel base myself....and not because I've seen something in testing...just call it a feeling. That being said a long wheel base will most likely win now :)....also, Way 2 Fast is a legal entry as well.

...on a funny note, my youngest has informed them that for video production they will ne WK Ride RT going forward

I'm in. I've got 2 mods just under 40g. I'll get them out this weekend. 


Fantastic!!! Hoping for a big field for this race!!!

Also, Mopar Mafia......that is the 1/4 Mile Coupe, which shares a similar chassis with the Surf Crate...and it's still legal :)

Bro-Law aka Outlaw Racing  is modding a 1/4 Mile Coupe and Surf Crate...say's he's going to chop the pipes down on both to decrease the chance for side rub and wants to chop the fronts as well....also, he's going to put bigger front tires on the 1/4 Mile Coupe since it's front axel is bent. These will be his first mods and say's he's looking forward to seeing how they preform.

LO$ - thank you for clarification. My front axle is a teeny bit wider than stock. Thought might need a little bit more base width
for the wicked curves on the boot leg

Very excited to see this track in's been an idea bouncing around in my head for to long!!!

Got my two lane connectors in from 3D Botmaker today, and they are even better than advertised, in the picture there is no screw hole, whereas my 6 pack has screw hole...problem solved about securely fastening them to sections of Bootleg Run.

Me and the paint crew both got one done, and if time allows we'll both build another one and divide into two teams.

Sounds Good Brother...glad you're on board!!!! Get ready to Run!!!

1/4 Mile Club

WK Ride RT


The track is done and I'm very hyped for this race, just planning out some of the diorama...having fun. I will set the track up on Thursday 8/31 and get it ready for racing....lane integrity, support and the fine tuning. I hope for a large field for this one, as it's going to be a lot of fun. So, get those Hot Rods ready!!!!

....and remember, this is not a straight line gravity drag race....a decent stock car right off the pegs with some graphite has just a good a chance of bringing home the championship as does a modified car.

Pony Up Racing

Had 1/4 Mile Club over for his 53rd birthday dinner last night....and the track was the elephant in the room, so it looks like some more local teams will get involved...some of the kids over were mesmerized by the's a great father/son experience for sure...heck my daughters love to race...or they love beating Dad every now and then. 

We look to be pulling in 4 more local teams from 1/4 Mile Club's birthday party last Saturday night....I hope everyone is getting their Hot Rods ready...I don't care if 100 cars show up...we will Run'em!!!

FOTF Racing's planning to enter at least one!

Great news...glad you're racing with us!!!

Time to turn Fast Cash into Faster Cash

From 31.8g to build if you've never done a Fast Cash...the new shoes look nice...graphite and speed testing tomorrow.

Well, the Fast Cash did OK in testing without graphite as it's faster than it was originally, but I've got a Fangula that I took the skinny fronts off of for Drag Wagons that I'm going to mod up...then I'll let those two compete to be Soo Fast team mate....the Quest for Speed never stops!!!

The Fast Cash was a fun build...but it was no match for a Fangula who gave up it's skinny fronts to become...Fangzilla 

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

meant to be I guess..always been one of my favorite Hot Rod castings
J5's on the rear and trap5's on the front...came stock with the J5's
Like it

Okay race fans...we are two weeks out from the inaugural Bootleg Run race and I am hoping for a big field for this race...So Get Those Hot Rods Ready to Run!!!

Got the Bro Laws aka Outlaw Racing cars today in mail....he told me no rolling them before the actual race, wants me to graphite them when I do mine and then just let'em Wildcard attitude and I like it. Going over to Trinity Racing tonight for some spirits and grilling and will pick up their cars, so some team pics to come later.

Skull candy & green machine

Looking good
That is a Surf mistake

Outlaw Racing...he cut down the cow catcher on the 1/4 Mile Coupe and completely off the Surf Crate and de-piped the 1/4 Mile Coupe

I should have had you take my photos too!
I will when your cars get here
The Surf Crate looks like a totally different car minus the cow catcher
Yes it does. I think it looks better actually
I agree

Trinity Racing...buddy of mine who use to be in the clergy...still a man of faith just not the cloth

He believes lightweight and nimble are the keys to Bootleg Run...we shall see
Thank for posting all of the pics. Hot rods look to be popular should be good turnout

There is a mystery to this track, sure you want a fast car when you race, but is there a certain combination that goes into a Bootleg Run car? That is the great unknown...even I haven't put the entire track together yet with all 4 stages set up...I have tested certain aspects and made sure the track will assemble properly, but a car has never started from the top and run to the bottom...going to be a lot of fun. My youngest in charge of production is hoping for at least one massive wipe out to film...I said, "ever hear of karma?"

Sweet T Racing

Don't worry Mopar...I'll know who's who
LO$ no worries mine is a beater chrome worn on wheels and I scrubbed

Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. 

Sounds good my Brother!!!!

Some more teams getting dropped off today via our Eclipse is Eclipse Racing...wonder where they got that idea for a team name :)....also Havoc Racing (1/4 Mile Cubs 17 year old son and his BF, who I call the Havoc Twins) are lobbying for the Fast Cash mod that I did, as it's faster than their Fast Cash....which I'll cave to after I razz them some....heck, I know it's slower than my team cars anyway, but who knows will happen on the actual track w/ grahite....will it come back to bite me, and it will allow a solid build to race. Have fun today...wear your special glasses...more team pics to come. 

Might need to break this open...

^^^ Now that's the Spirit Brother!!!!! Let's get ready to Run!!!!!^^^

Eclipse Racing

Havoc Racing

I'm gonna try to throw a car together this week. I have a stock one that I'll send regardless...hoping I can use my build as a way to take new photos for articles that got Photobucketed.

 I'll be on the lookout!!!

Mine will be there Thursday.

We have decided on the sound track for the race...getting close and we are getting hyped.

Traction Event has passed weigh in  (and ya never know with TE) :)

white lightning & moonshine black
Shout-Out to TE for sweetning the prize pool!!!
Nice hots rods there man

League of Speed

just realized I hadn't updated my team photo
I see whatcha did there

Prize Car

Saw this hanging in my collection...forgot I had it
whitewall tires of all things....

Lug Nut Racing

His 32 Ford blew mines doors off on a straight drag

Warp Factor

All the local teams are in house and ready to run

***Please note...the format of the bracket for the race has been changed due to the size of the field...via Tobacco Road must win two (2) in a row to advance to the next round***

So, no losers bracket, head to head...switch lanes and must win two (2) in a row to advance...simplest and fairest way to do it.

Size of field?
The number of cars racing...just easier for to win two in a row to advance
Traction-Event many cars are racing so far? 10, 20, 50?
38 and may hit 40

I measured the curves this morning and they are actually 3', so the total running feet for Bootleg Run from top to bottom is 36'. So, that's 60' of track and the two high bank turns...hell of a track if I don't say so myself...going to be a lot of fun!!!

video coverage?

The video for Legends of Tobacco Road-The Funny Cars is in the past races archives TE...check it out, however, we will not be filming Bootleg Run the same way.

Tobacco Road made it's debut on Memorial Day weekend...we missed having you in the race, it was a blast!!!

In my haste I failed to take a photo of my entries, but they got shipped out today. Didn't have time to mod so just 2 stocks coming in. A Bone Shaker and 32' Ford...covered in graphite.

^^^Well, that formula worked for you the last time :)^^^ I'll do a team photo after the weigh in and we are going to show the teams as part of the reveal video as well...we are set on go here and ready to race!!!

Mopar Mafia has passed weigh in and is ready to Run

Skull Candy and Green Machine
Nice photo LO$ you did them justice. I appreciate it.
My Pleasure

DVB Racing has passed weigh in and is ready to Run

Shout-Out to DVB for sweetning the prize pool

Prizes from Traction Event

Prize from DVB

This shaping up to be a great race and one you'll be sorry you missed if you let it pass on by....and we will run as many cars that show up.

All nice
Can't wait for this party to start!
Tell me about...1 week out....the build up to a great holiday weekend is starting to ramp up!!!!
I Feel the Need....The Need for Speed!!!!

We are one(1) week out race fans, so get some Hot Rods ready and ship them out next week!!!

...or today

We got our cars sent off today. Here is a little video we made about getting them ready. Don't know that they'll be very fast (didn't spend as much time on mine as I'd hoped) but we sure had a lot of fun together.

Doing me justice...much appreciated!!!

That was awesome and a huge part of what the hobby is girls are teenagers but still love to race and razz me when one of my mods turns out to be a sled. The Lady of Speed hates to lose at it's fun around here!!! This race will field over 40 cars...but fear not...we love it and will run as many that show up. Also, it looks like Trinity Racings 16 year old son wants in, but he also wants to mod a car, so they are coming over today to get some pointers and pick out a sled to mod for the race.

The Lady of Speed had a good idea....she said it would be cool if the whole track was off the floor, so the final 2' run-out section will be 6" off the floor...meaning the Trestle Bridge section at 12" will drop 4' in 6" to the run-out and finish line....I'll admit...I like it.

Working on the diorama for Widow Maker and Soul Taker....The Reapers Switchback is going to look sweet...still planning on assembling the track Thursday 8/31 and getting it fine tuned and braced properly...really looking forward to this race. Calling for rain here tomorrow, so I'll start cutting the stiff knees and get them ready to install come Thursday...more updates to come.

Four(4) more teams have made their way to Bootleg Run...they have to pass through weigh in and then some team photos later on this evening. The League of Speed Track Building crew got all the stiff knees cut today, so every piece of lumber is cut and the track is ready for assembly on Thursday.....more details to come in the following days. We also had another address request from another RLD affiliated team....fantastic...there is no such thing as to many cars for a race in these parts....send'em and we'll run'em!!!!



RLD Racing has passed weigh-in and is ready to Run

Woot woot. My kid picked the pink one, go figure.
My oldest daughter...Team Quicksilver picked the pink Bone Shaker as well
heck...I'm just glad at 16 she still races with me

9.81 Racing has passed weigh-in and is ready to Run

CC Rider for those who don't know
This is one of the biggest threads in RLD in awhile
Ought a be near 50+ cars for this race.....

G-Force Racing has passed weigh-in and is ready to Run

Color Country Racing has passed weigh-in...and the girl is bringing the star power to Bootleg Run

40 cars in house right now...bring it on!!!

If I get no address request tomorrow...I will start to finalize the bracket with 44 cars/22 teams...this is going to be a lot of fun and a major...on a 1/64 scale production...would not have it any other way!!!

DC Wheels is on the way and I should have Nitro Racings cars Thursday or Friday
Take your time with it. No hurry, bud. Pace yourself.
No worries...I need to get it finalized one way or another...and I'm semi-retired remember

Address Request from three(3) more teams.....loving it!!!

I've got some business with my rental properties to tie up this morning, so this afternoon through the holiday weekend it's all about Bootleg Run...and some college football.

DC Wheels has arrived at Bootleg Run....Weigh-In and Team Photo to come...Welcome to North Carolina.

With the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club (see as its official paid sponsor, FTE Way-2-Fast #2 (stock, but with graphite as of late last night) is on its way to the Bootleg Run! Looking forward to the event!

No automatic alt text available

I will be on the lookout for it

Just a sneak peek at what's going on here before the Reveal Video...having a blast.

Stage 1 is the Point of Origin for the whole to get it right first and foremost
LO$ is that plywood or mdf base?
mdf for the curves
good looking benchwork
That's the longest level I've ever seen...
6'6" great for make sure long runs are level

Bootleg Run - The Hot Rods 

Labor Day Weekend 2017

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

Nice little display...great idea for an article :)
Thanks...I got Tobacco Roads done early, but had to find a vintage photo I liked...those are G Men after a bust.

Cleaned the track for Stage 1 and gave Widow Maker it's first bath in probably decades...or ever.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

The Drop and Stage 1 are ready...The Lady of Speed helped me test it out....I wanted to make sure the Drop was not to steep, for as I said, this is not a straight line drag and you don't need to hit Widow Maker like a scalded dog.

.....I couldn't help myself...I got some junkers and let them fly off the end of Widow Maker and on to the floor.

Start Stage 2 in the morning...this is going to be fun.

DC Wheels has passed weigh-in and is ready to Run

Nitro Racing has passed weigh-in and is ready to Run

Nice Willys

FOTF Racing

Wintech Racing

Black Dragons....have all passed Inspection and Weigh-In...Welcome to Bootleg Run.

Team Photos to come

That's funny--three of your rivals from Diecast 64 all at once! Ha-ha! Glad the Way-2-Fast made it!
You've raced against Black Dragons there, right?
Yes, some good competition out in Utah recently
6 actually with 9.81, G-Force and Color Country
Cool! Though I meant with three ARRIVING all at once like that ... must have been some tension at the front gate!

Stage 2 is ready for track and Soul Taker....needs a bath first. I should be done by lunch tomorrow, so the Reveal Video and Team Show tomorrow and quite possibly some 1st Round racing!!!!! I will work on the Bracket tonight and have that ready tomorrow as well....just about time to Run my brethren!!!! 

My plan was to video/race Sat thru Monday...we are on schedule

1977 Pontiac Lemans Buford T Justices car from Smokey and the BanditWatch out for Smokey the Bear!!!

Smokey and the bandit

Wow...good and challenging day. I have learned that calibrating a road course is a completely different animal compared to a straight line drag...but I'm working my way down the track...tuning and tweaking. There will probably be some wipe outs as we race our way to a Championship and the car who wins this thing will have earned it...but this track was not meant to be kind or forgiving...this is Bootleg Run and we are just starting to learn what makes a car a Bootleg Run car. Good Luck to All and may the best car win.


Best of luck to all racers, bring on the action

Good luck, TE! Been a while since I've kicked your butt! ;)
Still humble I see... you picked a good racer, should run well

Still on schedule for the Reveal Video and Team Show this afternoon/early evening, hit a snag that put me behind schedule with the cars coming out of Soul Takers inside lane....I do believe I have it corrected. We still may do some racing tonight, but tomorrow will be all about racing....because Saturday racing was always a maybe to start with...glad I started working on this track Thursday!!!

Awesome! Great field. Going to be some great racing!
Damn fine work

Bracket is done...same team can't meet until final

Moon Bracket

Shine Bracket

Ouch! Noticed I'm matched up against FOTF's Way 2 Fast in the first round. I could be in trouble. ????

We shall see...I didn't test any of the cars in the field, but in testing the cars with shorter wheel bases did better and if it would have been muscle cars the Dodge Charger would have been DQ'ed. It's a mean track...this isn't drag racing. This is survival of the fittest...there were a lot of wrecks in Bootlegging history and I tried to mimic that with Bootleg Run...and 36' running feet is a lot of seams.

one of the most successful test cars was the Mystery Machine...and I don't understand how.

Best race from the Moon Bracket Rd 1 goes to DVB vs Lady of Speed
From Nugent to Megadeth? Dunno about that... ;P
Stranglehold is a good reveal/ team show tune...but not a racing action tune.

What a great looking track!  Awesome build!  Congrats to The Lady of Speed on coming out ahead of me. Those were good races.

Great coverage so far...

Man, both my entries consumed by the Legion of Speed!  First to the Lady of Speed and now by the League of Speed. Quite the Dynamic Duo. Congrats to you both. 

On a side note, do you think my '32 was a little to light weight and that caused it coming off the track near the trestle?

Some cars run both lanes with absolutely no problems and some have problems with Lane 2 for some reason.
I have plans for both lanes before before the Jan 2018 race....I will get this track completely dialed in.
excuse me...that would be lane 1
Thanks for the new family racing name...Legion of Speed

Round 2 has been done, but youtube is being a pain, so we will hopefully get it to load tomorrow. The Sweet 16 is set and we will get on it when Speed Force Racing gets home from school.  Thanks for being patient with us...Peace - League of Speed 


LeagueofSpeed apologies
I just re-ran those two races correctly...two times each and the results didn't change...however, very sorry for the mix-up

Solid! Bracket update? White Lightning took a tumble...
White Lightning is just fine...solid build!!! Both your cars are in the Sweet 16

Sorry it took so long to get Rd 2 just kept kicking us out over and over again, and it really missed on the video quality as well...but at least it's finally uploaded!!! We will video at least the Sweet 16 tomorrow and depending on homework/studying...maybe more. Thanks for being patient as youtube had me ready to put my head through the wall!!! Congrats to all the teams who have made the Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet 16

From 52 to 16...there can be only one!!!

My Fast Cash build made it into the Sweet 16(Havoc Racing) did become a different build coming out of the graphite bay....did I give up on it to soon? I will Grudge Match it against Fangzilla at races end to know for sure...more races this afternoon!!!

The Sweet 16 is about to start....stay tuned and Good Luck!!!

bring on the side by side action

more good racing!

The Elite 8 thru the Championship is in the will be up shortly I hope. We have our first Champion of Bootleg Run!!!

Well, that's a wrap....other than dealing with the technical difficulties....a lot of FUN!!!! Fantastic Good Clean Racing from the Elite 8 to the Championship. Now I get to upgrade the tech for League of Speed's time. Thanks to All who entered the race it was a blast to host....Bootleg Run will be back in January 2018 with Bootleg Run - Southern Drift...details to come!!! Now get geared up for the return of Tobacco Road on November 11 2017 for Legends of Tobacco Road - American Muscle.

I intended to have this road course feature between Soul Taker and the Trestle Bridge, but the car's just wouldn't hold it, but I will come up with something before the next race.

Well run event, congrats to the winner.... that guy should enter a few more races at the rate he is going. Great track build, and unique racing!!! Well done LOS. 

I'll need to step my game up, getting beat by stock cars is a blow to this modder...

Burnout track is very hard to put anywhere but the start of a run.  But I think JDC pulled it off in the original Beater burnout race. 

Thanks Brother..glad you were racing with us!!!

Great racing everyone. Congrats to the winner (don't want to give it away until everyone has had a chance to watch the video)

LOS, great job on the race and awesome track build. Looking forward to getting some Good ol' American Muscle ready to race for Tobacco Road.

Thanks Brother...glad you and your gang raced with us!!!

January 2018 Bootleg Run - Southern Drift

Well hot damn...that's two! Such a great event with a TON of great entries. Thanks to everyone that participated and BIG THANKS to LeagueOfSpeed for all the effort put into this thing...from the track, to the management, to the videos...great work.

And I'm now convinced that my "strategy" for picking cars is to wait until the last minute, grab two, load them up with graphite and send them in. Although to be honest, the Ford I entered was the most silent car I think I've ever (not) heard out of my collection of available racers. Based on that alone is why I sent it in over the Midnight Otto. 

Very happy and surprised with this win, gotta say. Thanks get a win against some worthy veterans of the track, it's an honor.

Well done my brother...the thing I noticed like downhill skiing, is that speed was important...always is, but Bootleg Run is also about running a good tight line and the two car's who matched up in the Final were two of the best at running a good tight line. I guess I should pencil you in as the odds on favorite when I get Old Glory Raceway built!!! Enjoy a well earned victory on a tough track to tame!!!

Now I have to make room in my office to store Bootleg Run!!! Get those Drift Cars ready to Run in January!!!

I'm using one (1) of the three (3) 6' sections for my test track right now.

Great finale, LoS, and thank you for a very fun event! I even enjoyed watching my Way-2-Fast try to take out a tree in I think round 2 ... ha-ha!

Congrats RLD on winning, and good job to Speed Force (I think it was SF) on taking me out!

I definitely plan to be back for the Drift Car race!

Thanks for racing with us...and yeah, Speed Force is my youngest and does all the video production.

Congrats to RLD Brian for taking two majors this year. It was super fun to watch all of the action on video. Thanks Speed Force for the video production and also to LO$ for making it a first class event!

My Pleasure...couldn't do it without my Diecast Brethren!!!

Please throw up a post once cars start getting shipped back. 

I am shipping out the cars tomorrow...sorry for the delay.

All the cars have been shipped off....sorry for the delay, we threw my nephew a wedding shower and things got stashed away by the Lady of Speed. Thanks to All who raced in the event....much appreciated I assure you. Hope to see you all on Tobacco Road in November!!! 

No problem. Wasnt anxious to get cars back, just reminding :)

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