Born To Be Wild Challenge: (Sept. 8th Start)

AMH-412 Friday, 7/19/2013

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Eveyone seem interested in giving this a try and I think it will be fun also, so am going to give this a shot.

This will now be a two car series. One car for each class. Each entrant will now enter two cars, one for each class, I think everyone will like the second class.

FIRST CLASS: This will be a one car entry. Entries will be based on the year you were born, +/- one year to help with options. Example: Born in 1963, you would be able to enter either a 1962-1963-1964 vehicle. The option is there in case you are not able to find anything for the year you were born, try to stay with the year born if possible. I know there could be the possibilty that a person would not be able to find anything for the three year period and if that is the case so say in this thread and all of us on the boards will figure something out.

SECOND CLASS: This will be a one car entry also. Entries will be any FAVORITE (REAL WORLD) vehicle, or customized real world vehicles that could also be accomplished in the real world. Years do not matter here, nor does the country of origin, as long as it exists or could be made to exist in the real world by real world cars.

Basic Rules:
Must enter TWO cars, ( one for each class ) (Specify which entry is the b-day car)
This is a single elimination tournament.
Stock or Mod (Modding makes it more fun)
No early Redline Wheels
Cars must weigh not less than 35 grams and not more than 57 grams.
Cars must be less than 3.5 " long.
Cars must be less than 1.25 " tall.
Only dry lubes are allowed.

When you mail your cars please include inside the box a piece of paper with this info:
1) Redline Derby Forum Name
2) Car name/Brand/color (ex:1963 Chevrolet Impala/Hot Wheels/Green
3) Race Team Name
4) Return Address (If you want your cars returned)

5) Please send $5.00 to the last host to help with shipping costs, if you want your cars back. Hosts do not need to send money.

Entries need to be mailed by August 31st to arrive here no later than September 6th.

Make sure to use my actual name as there are 3 of us that use this same p.o. box. (All Family).

Mail to:
Landon Barnett
P.O. Box 534
Hillsboro, MO 63050

First race will be held Sept. 8th at Windswept Raceway :
18 inch height
6 foot incline
10 foot straight

(1) Windswept Racing---(Allready here) #05 and #06
(2) Stroller Racing------ (ARRIVED) 8/26 #07 and #08
(3) Sloppy Jalopies----- (ARRIVED) 8/26 #13 and #14
(4) Traction Event----- (ARRIVED) 8/29 #15 and #16
(5) JDC 442------------- (ARRIVED 8/31) #17 and #18
(6) Nightstalker9------ (ARRIVED 8/14) #03 and #04
(7) FOTF------------------ (ARRIVED 9/3) #19 and #20
(8) Enforcement Racing (ARRIVED 8/26) #11 and #12
(9) CLAYFEAT----------- (ARRIVED) 8/26 #09 and #10
(10) Everlings-------------(ARRIVED) 9/5 #27 and #28
(11) TLD-------------------(ARRIVED 8/8) #01 and #02
(12) DadvBall--------------(ARRIVED 9/3) #23 and #24
(13) Rally Case----------- (ARRIVED 9/3) #21 and #22
(14) Red Star Racing
(15) Team HalfFast
(16) Delta6 ----------------(ARRIVED 9/5) #25 and #26

AMH 412 (Windswept Racing) :Sept. 8th
mod40fan (Sloppy Jalopies) :Sept. 15th
kharvest (Enforcement Racing) :Sept. 22nd
Traction Event Racing :Sept. 29th
Stroller (Stroller Racing) :Oct 6th

Scoring is as follows:
1st = 4pts.
2nd = 3pts.


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Stroller 7/19/13

Heck I wanted to be first. Anyway Stroller Racing is in and wins a prize for having the oldest car....Yay me...

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model40fan 7/19/13

add me to the HIT list...

Yup, I'll play.

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JDC442 7/19/13

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Count 442 in!

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FOTF 7/19/13

Does anybody know what year the HW Pontiac NASCARs are--like the one GSR raced in RNL? They say "1998" on the bottom of them, but it seems to be a date for the toy, not the model.

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Nightstalker 7/19/13

OK, in!
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
This may or may not be my entry, I gotta root around a bit.

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AMH-412 7/19/13

Cool looking pics JDC and Nightstalker !!!!!

First post updated: Will check here daily and update first post as needed. Looking forward to being a host for a tournament, this one will be a lot of fun and should make for some cool entries!

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AMH-412 7/19/13

Heck I wanted to be first. Anyway Stroller Racing is in and wins a prize for having the oldest car....Yay me...

Stroller, if you want to host and be the first one, thats ok fine with me, I'll go second, no problem. And yes, will find a prize for you for oldest car, think I'll find one for youngest car also.

Since I know how my own Dear Lady was, a special rule for CLAY FEAT, if she wants to enter.
- 0 years on year born and up to +20 for year born. born 1963, can use 63 to 83 This goes for CLAY FEAT only

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K_Harvest 7/19/13

Count Me In And I Will Host If Needed Thanks.

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Nightstalker 7/22/13

I think I have some testing to do!
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
A couple of doubles not in the pic.
Maybe a Secret Weapon in the Nightstalker Camp
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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model40fan 7/22/13

times have changed... I see we have 8 entries already.... there was a day we didn't get 8 for the races... GO RDR GO !

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CLAYFEAT 7/22/13

Clayfeat is in and thanks for the extra years...I can always use them..