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Build journal: Lakeridge Heights

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CraigsterSr 9/30/22

I love seeing tracks that are truly 'crafted' rather than snapped together. I'm looking forward to the end results. Very inspiring build C.C.... Well done! Thank You for sharing.

  • Cheers buddy…I appreciate the positive feedback. The ultimate test is gonna be how well I can get the trucks to finish the course…having some tuning to do before it’s given a green light. — Crazy_Canuck
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Crazy_Canuck 9/30/22

The start box is primarily in place...I've used a clear piece of plastic as my drop to rig up the drop mechanism and build around the box to make it look part of the scene. It works, which is the main thing, and I'd like to build one for the snow as well.

dude, I'm not a huge fan of drag racing, but this track might win me over!

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Crazy_Canuck 10/15/22

Here it is... I might tweak some things... but aside from some channel and track logos...I will be posting the first mail in very soon!

cheers for looking, hope to see you at the Heights!!!

  • Dude, that is gloriously flippin' nuts. I hope there is a channel I can subscribe to! — Scoupe
  • very cool, the blue lights make it feel cold can almost hear the wind, race snowplows, 4 X 4, atvs should be a blast, and have a real feel to it...nice job, great build thread!! — dr_dodge
  • @Scoupe: — Spirit_Of_64
  • Scoop…check the link below…Scooter…cheers buddy — Crazy_Canuck
  • Dr Dodge… cheers for the positive feedback — Crazy_Canuck
  • Styrophone is an awsome idea! Looks pretty awsome! — LottaSpeedRacing
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Crazy_Canuck 10/21/22

test tournament...check it out

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dr_dodge 2/15/24

First, a bump for all who never saw this build thread,

Second, to CC, 

I want to build a moto style similar launcher to yours for the off road track I have.

Any tips, tricks, or photos of yours would be much appreciated.

You do a great job!!  


  • It’s pretty crude actually…it’s just a stick and latch setup where when I pan back on the camera to film I can pull the cord to release the stick and the weight of the cars drops the gate — Crazy_Canuck
  • brilliant! — dr_dodge
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Crazy_Canuck 2/15/24

@DrDodgestick on flap mechanism 

pull cord for gate

More proof that it does not take a tun of space to put up a ton of fun!

  • Space was most definitely the challenge with this…I originally wanted to build a CR track that hugged the wall but the 180’s stuck too far out to make it feasible — Crazy_Canuck


You Rock it!!!! I love the track set up in the space allowed. Awesome idea for the double track wall... You have inspired us to think outside the box to have fun and think outside the space issues.

Im wanting to build both Drag and small on road or off road course in my basement and now your set up has helped with some layout issues I have. Wondering if more people will build off road tracks as this tugged at me after watching your videos.

Your a true craftsman & Thank You for posting and keep up the great work... 

  • Wow…thanks dude…this comment right here just made my day!!! — Crazy_Canuck

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