Fantasy LeagueCar classifications and attributes

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The old fantasy league tracked only a few attributes to classify a car, namely: weight and body/chassis material. 

As I start to rebuild the fantasy league game, I'm planning on having the follow attributes per car:

  • Weight
  • Chassis material (metal or plastic)
  • Body material (metal or plastic)
  • Premium axles (FTE yes or no)
  • Wheel material (plastic or rubber)

I don't want there to be too many attributes to worry about but is there anything obvious I'm not accounting for? I'm also trying to think beyond just Hot Wheels brand, so please keep that in mind.

Otherwise, superficial categories will still be a thing, like Muscle Cars, Ford, etc...

JL-Racers Edge wheels

MB-Laser Wheels

HW-High Speed Racing wheels

Don't know if the first two really accounted for much race wise.

The HSW wheels are same as FTE, so they'd fall under same rating.

Are the JL and MB specials denoted on their packaging? Or just easy enough to spot so people know?

Yes, axles are the same, but HSW are delrin and 5pokes are ABS

Laser Wheels are denonated on package, but no longer produced like true FTE HW.

Seems like things like premium axles are unique to Hot Wheels and not really a feature offered by other brands...maybe one or two here or there but nothing wide spread.

So, I think I can safely use the 5 attributes listed above and have myself covered. I won't have to denote features per brand, which is what I was afraid. I think denoting something as "premium" should be enough to denote 2 cars different even if they're the same casting. And then we'll have definitions for "premium" outlined in the rules.

I think those attributes are great. Could this be the rumbling of a Fantasy League restart in the near future?

You know it :) Getting my ducks in a row...

See this post too...touching on the same thing but more specific...

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