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BiffKirbySr 4/6/21

Biff Kirby Sr here I'm mailing mine out tomorrow 

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Uncle_Elvis 4/6/21

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ChiefWopahoo 4/6/21
2020 Rated Rookie

The Golden Nugget will be in the mail tomorrow at high noonish!

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BiffKirbySr 4/7/21

Should be there Saturday 

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Numbskull 4/7/21

Smurf Kicker on the way.  I may have cut the weight limit too close.  

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redlinederby 4/9/21
Site manager

Mail day! Picked up a good chunk of entries at the PO today. Updated the roster on the front page. I'll do a final pickup on Monday 4/19 and that'll be it. My kid's birthday is next weekend so it's all booked.

We'll do an entry showcase and then racing will be done after that. Given the field size and some other upcoming life events, I'm hoping to get video results up by early May (hopefully before the Pro-Am). 

There's over 2 dozen entries with a few more in transit so it's a big field. Response was far greater than I woulda thought so thanks for the support...I'm stoked to see this little bastards roll down the track.

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Mattman213 4/9/21

These two little dudes will be finished up and sent out tomorrow if all goes well!  Red one is Luke's and the orange one will be mine!


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GhostDriver 4/12/21

Thought this was pretty cool, with the upcoming race and all...

Just sent mine out today. This is my first time using an airbrush. I wish the finish turned out more glossy. I think I sprayed it from too far away, or the mixture of clear and reducer was off. Anyways, good luck to everyone! I am looking forward to watching the races!

  • Very nice! I need to do more practice with my airbrush. I haven't figured out the best way to top coat yet — redlinederby
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DeeJa 4/15/21


Sent this off last week, should be there by now.

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redlinederby 4/15/21
Site manager

I'll be doing the final (final) pick-up on Monday and that'll be it. I'm going to try and do the entry showcase by the end of next week because I need to get these cars raced before the Pro-Am picks up.

Until then, I gotta go make my kid's second pandemic birthday the best it can be. Have a great weekend, racers!

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redlinederby 4/19/21
Site manager

I got 2 entries that I *think* came from the same person, Flip's Racing. The green car did not have an entry ticket - shame on you - but it came in a container with a Filipiak Racing sticker on it and the car has FPD decals...but stickers don't dictate ownership. (I tried messaging Flip but got no response).

The orange car will be racing since it (kinda) came with an entry ticket that at least declared the owner. The green car will NOT race unless someone claim's it as their. Flip...if you own both of these cars and just sent in a second by accident, I'll just need to know which one you want raced.

  • Not to speak for Keith or Thomas but FPD Filipiak Performance Diecast is Thomas Filipiak the orange car is Keith Filipiak of Flip’s Racing. Hope that helps! — MoparMAC
  • Thanks, Mac. We got it all squared away. Both cars will be racing. — redlinederby

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