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Corvette Summer Series 2018

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LeagueofSpeed 5/14/18
Event coordinator

Speed Force and I have decided to not post any team photos until the actual Team Show to kick-off Corvette Summer hits our youtube channel. I will of course post when a team arrives, but the actual cars will be revealed together during the video to get Corvette Summer underway.

  • Sounds Great — Mopar_Mafia
  • “The big reveal”. The excitement is starting to grow. — 41-14
  • AWESOME !!!!! Keep everyone in suspense! — JaSKaT_racing
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LeagueofSpeed 5/15/18
Event coordinator

Also, something I find intriquing...a Modified car has never won on Bootleg Run...and the Vettes finish the Series on...Bootleg Run.

This is going to be a lot of fun!!!

Here is a premise for accumilating points...for examples sake, say the field is 32 cars, so a Rd 1 or Rd of 32...then the Sweet 16...then the Elite 8...the Final 4...and then the Finals/Championship race for said host track. The winning car would accumilate 6pts and the runner-up 5pts, because you get a point for each win and the 2 cars that make the Final get a point each with the winner/champ getting the final point. If we have "byes", you will not get a point for recieving a "bye", but I will monitor with the host to make sure the "byes" even out as best as possible...or if you think "byes" should get a point...speak up.

  • Try to work it best that there's limited byes but by the end there's going to be failures. Its inevitable so bye run should get a point because no matter how hard you try it is going to happen — NDeavers80
  • Yes, there will be byes. The hosts should send you results and then you can do all the point tally and stuff. Just let the hosts race and be done since quick shipping is critical. — redlinederby
  • May do a "win to get in" as the actual Rd1 instead of "byes" — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 5/15/18
Event coordinator

I don't forsee anything major that can't be worked out and I can quickly figure it out once I have all the cars and know the size of the field.

  • I was just trying to point out that between racing and shipping cars are going to fail so eventually there will be a bye no matter how hard we try — NDeavers80
  • On Facebook we have a group that we have done 4 circuit style races and by the end we always have a couple byes — NDeavers80
  • I see what you're saying...however, I hope to provide you with the best Series Event you've been part of while racing. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Also, I'm not sure if you realize that all the Vettes are shipped together from host track to host track. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yes I understand that they are shipped together. That's how we do it in the Facebook group but the post office isn't the most gentle with their packages. While I'm sure everyone will do there best to put on the best show possible accidents do happen. I was just trying to give my input — NDeavers80
  • Input very welcomed...sorry if I came across gruff — LeagueofSpeed
  • Not at all. I was just making sure you didn't think I was criticizing — NDeavers80
  • Cool Beans Brother...I'm ready to see ' em roll!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Me too. — NDeavers80

I've got my 2 entries ready to cruise the country. 

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LeagueofSpeed 5/19/18
Event coordinator

Well, in 1 week Corvette Summer 2018 will be I'll finish up my final build tomorrow and the Legion of Speed's Vettes will be ready to roll. My one area of concern lies with FOTF, he hasn't responded to the 2 PM's I've sent him regarding hosting Race # 2 at LJLRC, so may PM DVB today since that's his neck off the woods as well...Chevy C10 did respond and say's he's ready to race and host in NJ for Race # 3.

I'll keep everyone posted on Info when I get some.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed

  • I gotta finish my car up this weekend and will ship out by Monday. — redlinederby
  • Sounds Good Brother!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • You can try and contact Jeremy Morin or Ron Fletcher as both of them are in charge of different areas of the LJLRC maybe Cameron is busy with school or something — NDeavers80
  • He told me he was done with college at the end of April, and said he was a go in late we'll see. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Just thinking out loud. — NDeavers80
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LeagueofSpeed 5/20/18
Event coordinator

FOTF has responded and we are good to go.

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LeagueofSpeed 5/20/18
Event coordinator

The Legion of Speed's Vette's are done...we are absolutely...positively pumped for this event.

Speed Force and I are going to lock down the soundtrack in the next couple of days...we have our opinion...the perfect song for theTeam Show already in the slot.

It's Race Week here in North Carolina and the RLD Series Event...Corvette about to Go Green.

Peace and Speed - The Legion of Speed 

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Dadvball 5/20/18

If I can make it to the post office tomorrow they'll be on the way. Otherwise I know I can get there Tuesday. 

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redlinederby 5/20/18
Site manager

Here is the final team shot for my entries. Heading out to post tomorrow (Monday). I'm happy with the 35th Corvette even though my expectations are pretty low. No matter how much I try and test things, my mods never seem to turn out any faster than compariable cars I have on hand. However, the MBX Vette might give people grief somewhere along the line...I hope. It's a light stock with only a generous helping of graphite.

  • In other words...the MBX is sneaky fast — LeagueofSpeed
  • Lets just say its like half the weight of the other one and wins. How can such "simple" science be so hard?! — redlinederby
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Mopar_Mafia 5/20/18

  • Split Window 63...nice!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • I would have sent this in but I couldn't get it in the box — Mopar_Mafia
  • Just to see the look on LoS’s face( hehehe), I would’ve built a box around it and shipped it. Lol — 41-14
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LeagueofSpeed 5/21/18
Event coordinator

Heads Up to all the's looking like a 32 + car field for Corvette Summer...and it could get up to 40 or 42. I won't know until after the post runs on Friday...but this is without a doubt going to be an "Event"  

  • Good to know. That's a big field so don't be surprised if things get delayed and out of whack a bit. Might have to play things by ear between hosts at some point. — redlinederby
  • It's important that hosts know they don't need video right away after they race. Get the racing done and ship things out to the next stop, then worry about video. — redlinederby
  • Agreed...Host can play it their way, as I know they all will come through. — LeagueofSpeed

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