Crazy POV video on Widowmaker Run!

WidowmakerRun Wednesday, 6/17/2020

Here is a quick video on the bottom half of my track. When I get done with my start gate in a few weeks, I'll upload another video of the entire track. Hope you like it.



That's amazing man! Very cool idea

Coming together well!


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Chaos_Canyon 6/18/20

That's cool man. Is that inside your race car there or did you manage to find some footage that worked?

I randomly saw a video on youtube of a rally car with a green screen windshield.  On the next one, I will do a video from one of my past driving events and make the windshield green, then remove that, and have the hot wheels track show behind it, just like this one.

I am having lots of fun playing around with my video editor, VSDC Pro.  I think I paid $20 for a year.


That was wonderful!  I loved the ride-along perspective.  Much more fun than a regular "Zoom In" shot.  Nice!

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