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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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Javajim 7/13/20

Camara testing of the RunCam5 Orange

  • If you turn the frame rate up on the Runcam you should find the slower images are clearer too. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Thanks for the advice, after you posted your video on the RunCam5 it convinced me to go ahead and get a couple for myself. — Javajim
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_kian_23 7/13/20

Hey, This is My youtube Channel :)"/images/static/placeholder.jpg" data-src=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiD5tWNqsvqAhUWHXAKHRxCCwoQFjAAegQIBxAB&

  • You might want to check that link. It says the page is invalid — Chaos_Canyon
  • It should start with something like this whereas it looks like you've copied the channel image or something like that — Chaos_Canyon
  • What About this? — _kian_23
  • Yup, that works :) — Chaos_Canyon

season 2 has just wrapped up over at Wallside, we've also got a new tournament coming soon. The Graphite Cup :) 

Wallside just hit 100 subs. We're starting the Graphite Cup later today. Please come check it out :)

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Joedaady 7/16/20

The Amigos Die Cast Racing loves DSPN!! 

Here is the latest Desert Showdown from the Painted Desert Raceway.

  • Nice. Good to see you guys racing again. Just managed to squeeze it into this weeks report too :) — Chaos_Canyon
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Javajim 7/20/20

Making pine trees

A small forest

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Javajim 7/20/20

Making Signage 

Erecting signage 

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Javajim 7/20/20

Creating the small town of Fraser Ridge

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Javajim 7/26/20

Have a go at driving down Fraser Ridge at FULL SPEED, to fast then slow it down by 50%

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MnMRacing 7/30/20 New Race on a temporary track! Enjoy :)

Hey all, I finally created a profile for my track. The description is very long, but explains the track and its features very well.

Here are links to Rounds 1 and 2:

  • Awesome, thanks. Will get this in next week — Chaos_Canyon

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