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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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MnMRacing 9/2/20

Here's Group A of Diecast Tournament 2020 from MnM Racing League! We're up and going!

36 are fighting for the 12 opens spots in the next round. 6 groups with 6 drivers in each and only the top 3 will advance.

Eye-Spy another track....I feel like the paparazzi!

  • Cool looking track. What’s their channel name? I can’t see it in that video — Chaos_Canyon
  • Channel Name: Thomas Filipiak — WidowmakerRun

Chaos Canyon....I just came up with a genius idea for a closing segment or credits to close your weekly DSPN show.

- How about a "customizer corner" where each MONTH, you or the viewers select a casting, and whoever wants to participate can create a custom car of the same casting, and post it to their Youtube channel, or a spot here on Redlinederby with just a picture or two, and you include a screenshot of all of them as your closing credits.   Not a contest, just another fun thing to do to show off the different styles of customizing people like to do. 

  • Yeah that could work. I'll have a think about it, cheers — Chaos_Canyon
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Scoupe 9/10/20

Friends of Speed, I finally launched my channel on YouTube highlighting my course, Poverty Hollow Raceway. I'm currently holding a sign-up for a 16 car tournament featuring classic castings from 1968-79, and there will be three other 'Era' championships before an All The Marbles event for the winners. Sign on is currently on 3DBM'S Facebook page for those interested. 

Currently the only vid I've uploaded is the intro to the course which shows its features. Channel is Poverty Hollow DCR,

  • Great thanks — Chaos_Canyon
  • Turns out and admin on 3D pulled that post for a Rule 5 infraction, (which I honestly forgot about and understand why it's a thing). No hard feelings at all, but I lost most of the names! No matter, we'll get this rolling yet and flesh out the channel for you guys to do a feature if you wish. Appreciate your offer on that, guys! — Scoupe
  • No worries. Set up your own FB page, it'll make it a lot easier to track and saves any hassles. Or do a driver call post on here, which is another good option — Chaos_Canyon

My drag racing video is posted.  Please let me know if you want me to do more of these, otherwise I will stick to my giant open lane track only.

Would LUV for you all to checkout the Summers Raceway Funny Car Showdown

Hi buddies. Congrats to the success of your weekly wrapup! hope you can include my latest upload on your next week's episode.

Thanks again!

EVOSparks DieCast

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it!

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Scoupe 10/1/20

My racing series has officially kicked off, celebrating and racing castings made between 1967 and 1979. This video is the first string of 7 elimination races (out of 14 total, second video in the works.)

Please give it a consideration, guys!

  • Good racing layout. Got some nice casting in these races. — madmax

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