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DSPN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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My son and I love y'alls channel! Stuntman Sam is his favorite! This is a link to our new channel, Alamo City Diecast Racing. The track is called CIRCUIT OF MAYHEM


  • Awesome, thanks. Glad you guys enjoy Stuntman Sam :) — Chaos_Canyon

Fall Lamborghini tournament part 2 has been posted

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FOTF 10/15/20

Great show!! Here's a club you should cover; we race monthly, it's both an in-person and mail-in club, and we just entered the end-of-year "chase" portion of our annual points series (for those classes that are points classes, that is): The club's last races were this past Sunday--might be too late to be featured on your show this week, but there are live-streamed videos and photos/results from last Sunday on that page.

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SummersRaceway 10/17/20

Summers Raceway just started our Fall 5 Pack Challenge Series!  Raceday is on Sundays on Facebook  and Replayed on Youtube on the following Wednesdays.

Hi Buddies! Hope you can check out my latest upload for Ford F150 Raptor. Thanks a lot in advance.

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SummersRaceway 10/21/20

Summers Raceway continues the Fall 5 Pack Challenge Series!  Raceday is on Sundays on Facebook and Replayed on Youtube on the Following Wednesday.

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Scoupe 10/21/20

Warwick asked me to drop by and post my channel again in here. 

Just so happens that I also uploaded the final video for my '67-79 Castings tourney, so please take a look!

Great job killing it in the DIRS!

We're heading into the final 4 cars at CIRCUIT of MAYHEM. It may have even claimed its first victim!

Hey Gents!  I very much enjoy all your work, and I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Darrell and I'm the founder of Bay City Diecast Racing, as well as Bay City Speedway.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd have a look at my track.  It quite a ways from being finished, but its definitely far enough along to race.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Bay City Diecast Racing

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