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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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RedEye_Customs 11/14/20

This is a preview to my upcoming track I'm working on. The track is open and hosting a tournament series called Raceway Construction to where drivers can participate in the construction of the raceway just by mailing in and racing while seeing the track updates as we go along. I also have a Facebook group to where I mod (mostly M2 Machines) models and upload videos to keep people in the loop with the Raceway. That group is called "RedEye Raceway Home of RedEye Customs"

Hi Buddies! EVOSparks here! I've finally entered the 1/64 world. Hope you can feature my one of my latest review. Thanks and more power:

Hope everyone enjoys!

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cirons42 12/9/20

Hello Chaos Canyon!  I have setup a new channel for IronsDiecastRacing so it is not pointing to my personal anymore. you have permission to use content from there.  Thanks!

Hey there, I'm a bit new to diecast racing and if you could feature my channel and Fantasy league that would be wonderful.

RoadRunner Raceway Channel:

Also the fantasy league Link is :

Driver sign ups link:

Sorry if this is a lot of info. I dont know what you would want/need. Thanks so much.

I also love watching the DSPN each week and i still love that double flip with out touching his roof to the ground. Definitly the stunt of the week


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RedEye_Customs 12/10/20

This is a link to my first mail in tournament Raceway Construction Tournament 1

Helo once again!!! I dont know if need to post a video every week but I thought I would just to add an update to my first mail in tournament. The course itself is called Redeye Raceway. Over on Facebook I Have a page and a group, which my page RedEye Customs is dedicated to 1:64 diecast customizing and diorama building for 1:64 diecast interaction such as garages, gas stations, etc. My group is dedicated to 1:64 diecast racing RedEye Diecast Racing and interacting with the rest of the diecast community as my track continues to grow. Thanks for the opportunity to be showcased on your channel, amaing job with Chaos Canyon and thanks for bringing the community a step closer with DSPN

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Saleens281 12/11/20

Started an adult diecast channel that will go over topics from modding and customizing, to track building, collecting. You never know what your going to find going on at Joe's Garage!

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Saleens281 12/11/20

We do kid friendly racing for prizes on this channel!

Latest races on Death Mountain!

  • The car names are as much of a riot as the commentary. — SpyDude
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agungugang 12/21/20

Hi, aweome!

I'm strating my own race too using DIY sizzlers cars, please check out my channel if you don't mind, thanks!

  • Very fun! Could you show us the insides of one of your cars so we can see how they work? — SpyDude

Fall Lamborghini tournament heats 1&2 has been uploaded. It was a great day of racing too. Especially when there was an upset.

I've started RoadRunner Raceways first fantasy tournament, Birds of Prey. This is the first group. More races and tournaments to come.

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