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When: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I've been pro wrestling fan pretty much my whole life and one of the greats, Dusty Rhodes, passed away in June. He has no connection to cars or racing Hot Wheels (except that both wrestling and racing toy cars are ridiculous), but it's one small way I can pay tribute to a great entertainer.

The gimmick here is each racer enters 2 cars: one modded, one stock. The stocks race in their own bracket, as do the mods. The 2 winning cars will then go on to a Best of 5, head-to-head shootout.

The racer with the ultimate winner will receive all the stock entries as their prize. Modded cars will be returned to their owners if they want, otherwise they'll go into the prize pot.

Highlight Videos


TractionEvent does it again. His Bone Shaker XL mod out-paced the stock Pocket Bikester of CliffordShaw. TE wins himself all the stock cars entered and adds yet another notch in his belt.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Limit 1 entry (2 cars) per household
  • Mods must have drilled rivets.
  • Stocks must be unopened
  • 65g weight limit for each
  • Max 3.25" long by 2" high. Width should fit on standard HW orange track
  • Any brand, any model, any year.
  • All wheels and axles allowed.
  • Dry lubes only


Winner will receive all the stock entries as well as any modded cars not getting returned to their owners.

How to enter

Make a post to this thread with your intentions, or just mail your cars to the address below before September 1. The tournament will be held at a later date.

Please include an ID card with your entry so we can be sure your car gets returned and labeled properly. Please include $2 with your entry if you want your cars returned. If you do not want your entries returned, they will be added to the prize winnings.

Send entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Scoring and Winning

There will be 2 brackets, one for mods and one for stocks. The winner of each bracket will race in a Best of 5 series. The racer that entered the final winner gets the victory.


Outline the penalties if a car fails to meet the requirements. Include any details about how a racer can get their entry fixed, adjusted, etc.


McJiggles9 - Turbolence (Stock), CCM Country Club Muscle (Mod)

CliffordShaw - Pocket Bikester FTE (Stock), The Badger (Mod)

EastBound357 - 2013 Camaro (Stock), '55 Gasser (Mod)

BearDown0811 - Shelby GR-1 (Stock), '68 Shelby GT500 (Mod)

Finkle - Speed Slayer (Stock), Cool One (Mod)

Nightstalker8 - 68 COPO Camaro (Stock), 68 COPO Camaro (Mod)

TractionEvent - Hot Tub (Stock), Bone Shaker XL (Mod)

2Seven - Tuned (Stock), Double Bull (Mod)

Check back later for results, photos and video

Sounds really cool, but can the weight limit be 61g? Most of the heavier Johnnies are 61g stock.

No biggie. Updated rules to be 65g limit.
Sweet, thanks!

Okay Stroller is entering this one. Not sure what I'm entering yet.  Will you have some video?  Will there be cookies?

cookies...yes please.

Very Interesting. Maybe do this.

Count Weber Cabin and Rally Case in for this one 

Is it cool that the stock is a sealed fte?

Yes, any stock is accetpable. Anything that isnt modified qualifies, carded or not.

This might change things--I had just been disappointed to see my idea was no longer on eBay.
So it's the one who wins the stock vs. mod final who gets all the stock cars?

Got started on my mod... lots to do... but here is a rough idea. I'm sure Smitty has done one like this... He gets the credit

Way 2 Cool

looks like sweet 16 II's transfer case, A-OK's grill n' lites, trimmed way 2 fast's mill, hardtop bone shaker body, on a way 2 fast's base w/ the fuel cell and front engine/ headers removed, rear mill and headers slid forward to sqeeze the body in... shift kicker's front wheels... rears ? ... mikie likes it... go te go ! ... i've been wrong before !

nailed it...needed to move rear axle back, and will swap out induction, for MadFast unit

To clarify a question about the winning...whichever car wins the Mod vs Stock showdown will get the prize and victory.

The "Stawka" gettin' in a time shot at Jersey Shore while a tuning up for the American Dream Race.

Nothing like a good old bumper scrapin' wheelie!
Diggin the wheelies!

This big girl is ready!

yup !
I'm diggin that with the traditional grill shell
Looks menacing! What's the blower scoop off of?
1/2 a Turbine Time exhaust... Lots of dremel time

My rides will be in the Mail on Monday... Go Dusty... Go!

@RLD The green car is for you, or your collection.

Heading to the post office this morning to send out my team.

Expected delivery date of 8/27.
Cool, whatcha runnin?
A stock Speed Slayer and a modified Cool One.

Just sent Weber Cabin Racing and Rally Case Racing's entries in the mail. Should be there in 3 days! 

Tracking number: 9500 1124 4902 5238 0419 56)

Weber Cabin Racing

Stock- Turbolence

Mod- CCM Country Club Muscle 64g

Rally Case Racing

Stock- Pocket Bikester FTE

Mod- Badger 56g

I dig the truck! :)
I'm glad you dig the truck. Multiple shovels will be needed to dig it out of last place. It's terrible, but it's the only unused mod I have
nice rides CT boys... That shovel comment has me laughing!
is it the angle? or are those rear wheels (on the truck) smaller??
either way... I like the truck too! who needs radar anyways!! lol
Yeah I have axle selection issues. So glad you remembered the radar. I loved the Badger as a kid!
Love the Badger!
it just looks "tough". always been up there on my list

Are the stocks coming sealed in blister packs or are we graphiting the wheels?


The procrastinator 

See prev post. Anything that isn't modified qualifies, carded or not.

Sorry gang, the "Stalker" is caught asleep at the wheel. Just realized the date and time needed to get the cars out for this one. Not gonna make it. Well I have 1 "67" Camaro Toy ready to go for a 57 or so gram event.

Bummer, Stalker. Always next time...although I won't be racing until later in the week so if you have something laying around that will work, ship em out and I'll wait.

I'll be doing a pick-up tomorrow after work and posting roll call after.

Maybe get them out after work today, will chime in later to give ya the heads up. Thanks Brian
Monday for me by the way.

Hey Brian, my cars are in the mail too. Thank you!


Received 3 entries today, from Connecticut, Michigan and Arizona. Since I there are more on the way, I'll do another pick-up on Wednesday and do a roll call then to see who's left. Racing might happen this weekend then or pushed into next week...but no worries.

2 went out this morning, if I don't make it go ahead and race.
Keep the stocker and send back the Mod.
looking like a Fri. arrival
First time racers! My brother and mailed out entries together from AZ to save cash on shipping. Stoked to race!!!

Got the in-state 2Seven entry just waiting on Stalker's, yes? No problem...we'll race this weekend, no rush.

go RLD go 1
I mailed my cars on August 24th with an expected delivery date of 8/27. Has it not shown up yet?
I'll open them all up tonight or Friday and see for sure which ones I have

cant see the photo? only me?
Not showing up...double check the link and make sure it is a direct image

Okay...official roll call as of 9/3. My next pick-up will be tomorrow after work.

  • Traction Event
  • Clifford Shaw
  • McJiggles
  • EastBound357
  • BearDown0811
  • 2seven

Looking to race Saturday or Sunday night...maybe Monday since it's a day off.

Common' Stalker!!!!
Hopefully a small red box from SC will be in tomorrow's mail. Maybe it got lost. pair of "68" Camaro "Stawka's Toys" 1 stocker & 1 Mod on the way.

Alright, I think we're ready to race!

Nightstalker's showed up today and the South Carolina cars have been found - they had arrived a while ago but my wife picked them up and had them in her truck! Doh!

So I'll take some photos for some previews and then do some racing. I'm going to try some different video recording to see if I can do a chase video by myself. Now that McJiggles has treated us all to the awesomeness of a full slow-mo race, I gotta try to keep up.

Yessss! Race on RLD!!!
Right on!
Let's do this.

Eleanor from BearDown0811 is ready to go!

I see a new name, WELCOME!!
Eleanor... I managed to find a copy of the original Gone in 60 Seconds movie. I like the first version much better.
Nice, welcome!

The ModRod!!! Eastbound357

Looks sick!
Another new name. WELCOME!! Same paint, are you two the brothers from AZ?
Classic casting, lots of good parts...welcome

Redline wheels for my first Redline race!!!!!!!

Check out the first post for entrant photos...some really great looking mods coming in. Check out Traction Event's Bone Shaker XL and 2Seven's fire demon...both top notch, but will they be fast? Although I love EastBound's gasser mod...looking sweet with those redline wheels and tinted windshield.

Here are the brackets for each division. The winner from each division will face off to determine the winner...and to determine once and for all of mods are faster than stocks!

Stock division

Mod division

Stout looking field, best of luck to all

I'm curious to see how the speed slayer does with those 4 skinnies on it. 

Less friction? 

I like how the wheels are about as far apart as they can get.

Just gonna hafta wait and see....


Just saw some results! Where can we find video?

Final results will get posted soon, still putting together the video. Hopefully it'll be better than last video, I think it will be - trying to copy McJiggles process a bit so we'll see. 

But you can see the winners for each respective bracket right now. Came down to Traction Event winning the mod division and CliffordShaw winning stock. So final is between those two. 

Gonna try to get some videos up tonight. 

Oh yeah! Making popcorn tonight!

Here we go...first video from the Dusty Roads tournament. This is video 1 of 3. Two and 3 are still getting produced. I picked McJiggles' brain a bit to get some tips on the video workflow and it worked pretty well. Still have some learning to do with the phone software but it's a first step.

Let me know what you think. I think this is much better than the last video I tried to make, so I guess there's that.

One last thing - these are only highlights - this video does not include every run. Every car is in the video but I only included the races that were closest.


I'll get the next videos added as soon as they're done.

I HAVE to figure out the slo-motion for my next hosting gig! Close racing...Stalker getting loose mid track...hang on brother!
Good job with the video, Brian!
Great video. I liked all the fonts, they make it crystal clear. How does your starter work?

McJiggles, and 2Seven...very close racing. I had to play catch up after the transition. Beardown and Eastbound... great opening efforts here... fast rides neither one had FTE's...

Not a bad first appearance our Arizona cars ran straight and smooth just couldn't pull it out in the semi finals and pointers on how we can make them a a little faster? 

Hi Eastbound,

There's lots of info about building fast cars...of course, everyone has their own technique. I'll find some links...

Here's a car that I build...

This is a really good thread...TE's techniques...

There are more, but those two will get you started. 

Thanks for the info very in depth detail. I will continue my moducation through the details here as well as trial and error.

The rule is, to make fast cars, you've got make a bunch of slip ones first!

You can just hit up the entire "Customizing" section for collections of posts and other threads...tons of great tips.

Great track, racing, and video! Congrats to TE!

Just posted Stock Division playlist moved to the first post.

I gotta say I had no expectations for the Pocket Bikester despite it being an FTE. I was surprised to see it speed so well, especially against the Turoblence, which I knew was fast. Just goes to show you never know...and that's why stock racing can be just as fun to watch as mods.

Stock vs Mod video coming soon...hopefully tomorrow, it's only 3 races so should be a quick edit.

My hot tub was a dud... Got smoked! Well done Mr.Shaw...
I was shocked to see that Hot Tub go so slow. I checked it, it was good - just a dud
Not to take away from the win... I just thought the Hot Tub would perform better... Bikester rocked

Finals have been posted, check out the first post for all the highlight videos.

...and earning himself another trophy, this time with his Bone Shaker XL mod, is TractionEvent. At this point, it's almost little surprise he won. As always, his cars own the road and look good to boot...a skill for sure.

But that's not to say he didn't have some competition along the way. Early on McJiggle's mod gave TE a run for his money in what was really a Round 1 shootout. 2Seven's fire machine out of Ohio didn't go without a fight either. The final of the Mod Division had the Bone Shaker winning but a smidge, sending TE to wait for the Stock Division.

The Stock bracket was a little less "exciting" maybe but some good bouts all the same. The Turbolence out of Connecticut was a strong contender going in and stuck with it until the end, only to be out done by family, CliffordShaw. If you would have told me that little FTE was a stud, I would've called you crazy...especially against the Hot Tub...but that car had it where it counts, narrowly outing the all-metal Turbolence in the final. And just like that, CliffordShaw saw himself face-to-face with the King of Redline Derby, Traction Event.

After seeing the performance of the Pocket Bikester, I had no idea how close the final Stock vs Mod battle would be. The safe money was probably on the giant Bone Shaker but you never know. This time, however, Vegas had it right and TE took the gold in 3 straight races against the FTE.

So for now, the score is settled...mods are better than stock. 

Think differently? Well, wait until the next Stocks vs Mod tournament and then send in your best to see if you can give stock cars some lost credibility.

Congrats to TractionEvent on the win and a gorgeous car. He earned himself a box full of all the stock entries into the tournament, so look for them (or parts of them) again in the future. 

Not sure what the Bikester weighs (don’t have one in my collection) but I’m guessing a good bit less than 57g… The RLD home track has a good sized drop to start my extra weight definitely helped. A good example on this is the Stock race between McJiggles and Eastbound. Turbolence had a car length before the transition. Again the weight difference between those two stockers was large.  Pound for pound the Bikester is likely a better ride. Thanks to all who entered, it’s the racers that make this site great.

 Also the finals music selection… fantastic! J

Returns...I'll hopefully be able to pack up cars this weekend for return shipping soon. I think everyone that entered is getting their mod cars back. If you want your stock entry back as well, please leave a comment. If you don't, I'll assume it will go into the prize pot heading to TractionEvent.

I'd love to get the bikester back to modify for a future event. AND to keep it out of TE's hands!! :)
ok by me... live to fight another day
Hey TE could you also send the turbolence?
The Siebers will get all their entries mailed back :) Check

Great race Brian!  Love the new wall track and the awesome slow motion video w/ a cool "The Cult" soundtrack -you've come a long way my friend!  Great stuff.

Congrats on another win Traction Event!  

Thanks :) These videos are 100% better than ones in the past. Progress!

I got my prize pack in the mail today.... Thanks to all who entered. 

I also got Turbolence back... Thought it was headed back to McJiggles?  If so let me know and I can ship it home

Oops. Sorry if it bad. I can make good on $$ next time.

The "Toy" is back home. Thanks Brian.

Hey all, Eastbound hasn't received his 55 Gasser mod. I know I sent out all the cars but if everyone could double check to make sure I didn't accidentally send it to someone else. Thanks. Sorry for the trouble 

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