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Dusty Roads mail-in, mods vs stocks

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redlinederby 9/11/15
Site manager

You can just hit up the entire "Customizing" section for collections of posts and other threads...tons of great tips.

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2seven 9/11/15

Great track, racing, and video! Congrats to TE!

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redlinederby 9/12/15
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Just posted Stock Division playlist moved to the first post.

I gotta say I had no expectations for the Pocket Bikester despite it being an FTE. I was surprised to see it speed so well, especially against the Turoblence, which I knew was fast. Just goes to show you never know...and that's why stock racing can be just as fun to watch as mods.

Stock vs Mod video coming soon...hopefully tomorrow, it's only 3 races so should be a quick edit.

  • My hot tub was a dud... Got smoked! Well done Mr.Shaw... — Traction-Event
  • I was shocked to see that Hot Tub go so slow. I checked it, it was good - just a dud — redlinederby
  • Not to take away from the win... I just thought the Hot Tub would perform better... Bikester rocked — Traction-Event
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redlinederby 9/13/15
Site manager

Finals have been posted, check out the first post for all the highlight videos.

...and earning himself another trophy, this time with his Bone Shaker XL mod, is TractionEvent. At this point, it's almost little surprise he won. As always, his cars own the road and look good to boot...a skill for sure.

But that's not to say he didn't have some competition along the way. Early on McJiggle's mod gave TE a run for his money in what was really a Round 1 shootout. 2Seven's fire machine out of Ohio didn't go without a fight either. The final of the Mod Division had the Bone Shaker winning but a smidge, sending TE to wait for the Stock Division.

The Stock bracket was a little less "exciting" maybe but some good bouts all the same. The Turbolence out of Connecticut was a strong contender going in and stuck with it until the end, only to be out done by family, CliffordShaw. If you would have told me that little FTE was a stud, I would've called you crazy...especially against the Hot Tub...but that car had it where it counts, narrowly outing the all-metal Turbolence in the final. And just like that, CliffordShaw saw himself face-to-face with the King of Redline Derby, Traction Event.

After seeing the performance of the Pocket Bikester, I had no idea how close the final Stock vs Mod battle would be. The safe money was probably on the giant Bone Shaker but you never know. This time, however, Vegas had it right and TE took the gold in 3 straight races against the FTE.

So for now, the score is settled...mods are better than stock. 

Think differently? Well, wait until the next Stocks vs Mod tournament and then send in your best to see if you can give stock cars some lost credibility.

Congrats to TractionEvent on the win and a gorgeous car. He earned himself a box full of all the stock entries into the tournament, so look for them (or parts of them) again in the future. 

Not sure what the Bikester weighs (don’t have one in my collection) but I’m guessing a good bit less than 57g… The RLD home track has a good sized drop to start my extra weight definitely helped. A good example on this is the Stock race between McJiggles and Eastbound. Turbolence had a car length before the transition. Again the weight difference between those two stockers was large.  Pound for pound the Bikester is likely a better ride. Thanks to all who entered, it’s the racers that make this site great.

 Also the finals music selection… fantastic! J

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redlinederby 9/14/15
Site manager

Returns...I'll hopefully be able to pack up cars this weekend for return shipping soon. I think everyone that entered is getting their mod cars back. If you want your stock entry back as well, please leave a comment. If you don't, I'll assume it will go into the prize pot heading to TractionEvent.

  • I'd love to get the bikester back to modify for a future event. AND to keep it out of TE's hands!! :) — cliffordshaw
  • ok by me... live to fight another day — Traction-Event
  • Hey TE could you also send the turbolence? — Mcjiggles9
  • sure... — Traction-Event
  • The Siebers will get all their entries mailed back :) Check — redlinederby
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JDC442 9/14/15

Great race Brian!  Love the new wall track and the awesome slow motion video w/ a cool "The Cult" soundtrack -you've come a long way my friend!  Great stuff.

Congrats on another win Traction Event!  

  • Thanks :) These videos are 100% better than ones in the past. Progress! — redlinederby

I got my prize pack in the mail today.... Thanks to all who entered. 

I also got Turbolence back... Thought it was headed back to McJiggles?  If so let me know and I can ship it home

  • Oops. Sorry if it bad. I can make good on $$ next time. — redlinederby
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Nightstalker 10/3/15

The "Toy" is back home. Thanks Brian.

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redlinederby 10/14/15
Site manager

Hey all, Eastbound hasn't received his 55 Gasser mod. I know I sent out all the cars but if everyone could double check to make sure I didn't accidentally send it to someone else. Thanks. Sorry for the trouble 

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