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Dusty Roads mail-in, mods vs stocks

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Eleanor from BearDown0811 is ready to go!

  • I see a new name, WELCOME!! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Eleanor... I managed to find a copy of the original Gone in 60 Seconds movie. I like the first version much better. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Nice, welcome! — Traction-Event

The ModRod!!! Eastbound357

Redline wheels for my first Redline race!!!!!!!

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redlinederby 9/6/15
Site manager

Check out the first post for entrant photos...some really great looking mods coming in. Check out Traction Event's Bone Shaker XL and 2Seven's fire demon...both top notch, but will they be fast? Although I love EastBound's gasser mod...looking sweet with those redline wheels and tinted windshield.

Here are the brackets for each division. The winner from each division will face off to determine the winner...and to determine once and for all of mods are faster than stocks!

Stock division

Mod division

I'm curious to see how the speed slayer does with those 4 skinnies on it. 

Less friction? 

I like how the wheels are about as far apart as they can get.

Just gonna hafta wait and see....


Just saw some results! Where can we find video?

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redlinederby 9/9/15
Site manager

Final results will get posted soon, still putting together the video. Hopefully it'll be better than last video, I think it will be - trying to copy McJiggles process a bit so we'll see. 

But you can see the winners for each respective bracket right now. Came down to Traction Event winning the mod division and CliffordShaw winning stock. So final is between those two. 

Gonna try to get some videos up tonight. 

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redlinederby 9/10/15
Site manager

Here we go...first video from the Dusty Roads tournament. This is video 1 of 3. Two and 3 are still getting produced. I picked McJiggles' brain a bit to get some tips on the video workflow and it worked pretty well. Still have some learning to do with the phone software but it's a first step.

Let me know what you think. I think this is much better than the last video I tried to make, so I guess there's that.

One last thing - these are only highlights - this video does not include every run. Every car is in the video but I only included the races that were closest.


I'll get the next videos added as soon as they're done.

  • I HAVE to figure out the slo-motion for my next hosting gig! Close racing...Stalker getting loose mid track...hang on brother! — Traction-Event
  • Good job with the video, Brian! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Great video. I liked all the fonts, they make it crystal clear. How does your starter work? — cliffordshaw

McJiggles, and 2Seven...very close racing. I had to play catch up after the transition. Beardown and Eastbound... great opening efforts here... fast rides neither one had FTE's...

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Eastbound357 9/10/15

Not a bad first appearance our Arizona cars ran straight and smooth just couldn't pull it out in the semi finals and pointers on how we can make them a a little faster? 

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72_Chevy_C10 9/10/15
Event coordinator

Hi Eastbound,

There's lots of info about building fast cars...of course, everyone has their own technique. I'll find some links...

Here's a car that I build...

This is a really good thread...TE's techniques...

There are more, but those two will get you started. 

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Eastbound357 9/10/15

Thanks for the info very in depth detail. I will continue my moducation through the details here as well as trial and error.

  • The rule is, to make fast cars, you've got make a bunch of slip ones first! — 72_Chevy_C10

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