Featherweight Challenge Series 1 (Austin, Texas)

Jobe Wednesday, 3/14/2012

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Ok guys, the cars have arrived safe and sound in the great Lone Star State.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Sunday is going to be a big day of racing on both of my tracks.
Luckily I will have EconoCarl and Variation Jason here to help.
I'm currently laid up with an injured back and hope to be more mobile by Sunday

I will be putting together the brackets and figuring out how to at least match TLD's fantastic photos and coverage.


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Man, back problems are the worst. Bending over to pick up cars dozens and dozens of times cannot be something your looking forward to, luckily you've got some elves to help out!

Looking forward to the weekend action!...and the racing too.

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GspeedR 3/14/12

Take it easy, Jobe...I know back injuries all too well. The constant motion of bending to pick up cars @ the finish line certainly won't help. Any chance of recruiting some small helpers?...kids make great finish line retrievers.

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EconoCarl 3/14/12

I'm not wearing that damn elf suit again . . . besides, it's Jason's turn!

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model40fan 3/14/12

i've had three discs and the back halves of two vertibra removed... get one of the pickers a wheel chair patient would use to get something from the cupboard... i inherited two from dad... worth it's weight in vicodin !

C'mon Carl you didn't look so bad.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

I'm not wearing that damn elf suit again . . . besides, it's Jason's turn!


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model40fan 3/14/12

ditto jason, can't believe they picked Will Ferell over our carl...jerks...but hey, on the 17th he can be "lepri-carl"

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Jobe 3/14/12

Haha! Nice photo.

Just got back from the chiropractor, my doctor, x-rays and now some drugs
Follow up on x-rays tomorrow, but looks like a bulging disc. Joy!

I will be manning the start gate if you don't mind, with some adult beverages not far away!


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Jobe 3/16/12

Well guys, looks like I'm on the mend with some chiropractic work. Looks like just a slightly compressed disc.

I'm putting together the brackets now, mixing it up a bit...going to be a lot of racing!

For comparisons sake, I'm thinking about running the same brackets on both tracks. What do you guys think about that?

For comparisons sake, I'm thinking about running the same brackets on both tracks

i think that's a good idea. Could be very interesting.

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EconoCarl 3/16/12

Sounds good to me too. It would probably make it easier to run both races, could run each heat on both tracks to save a little time (if both tracks are set up at the same time). Then run the Quarterfinal Brackets at the end.

Six of the eight heats will have 'byes' in the first round. Will the same cars get buys on both tracks? Doesn't matter to me, just curious.

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WorpeX 3/16/12

Perhaps the heats could stay the same, but the brackets in the heat get switch up a bit? I think i'd like that better so my cars don't lose to the same car twice in a row. Solves the bye problem too!