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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Getting up early is for the bird's...wait...ummm... Maybe not... Anyway, here's today's Hot Wheels race at Birdco Raceway! Just a heads up that next week I am on vacation so I won't be posting the daily races here. They will be still be available daily on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Be watching for the Hot Wheels Calgary Halloween Special next week too!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! ONE MORE WORK DAY AND IT'S THE WEEKEND...AND I'M ON VACATION!!! Remember that next week I won't be posting the daily races here but you can still see them each day on the Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Also be watching next week for 1st(and possibly only)Hot Wheels Calgary Halloween Special! Have a great week everyone... I know I will!!!

The Hot Wheels Calgary Halloween Special!

I wasn't going to share the races this week since I'm on vacation, but this one I think is worth breaking the rules on.. Besides, it will prepare you for next week! BTW, don't be drinking anything while watching the first few minutes... You might wreck your viewing

Good Monday Morning! My last week off was a busy one... Track upgrades, the Halloween special..and that doesn't include personal stuff! Anyway, we're back at it and I hope all enjoy the new track setup! I know I am!

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Dadvball 11/5/18

I enjoy watching your racing but I think the problem you're having is in the area of the track that you mentioned making an adjustment to. I think the cars are catching some air at the transition from the flat to the down slope. They always look to be losing it at that point. They've got so much speed it's like doing a Dukes of Hazard jump.  That part of the track looks different to me since you changed it. It's just my opinion and I could be wrong. It might help if you could video a race with the camera at that location from the side. Might also make a cool shot if they do get filmed airborne. 

  • Oh... I totally agree... My big problem is how to fix it... The head scratching contiues.. Thanks for noticing — HotWheelsCalgary

It appears winter is back in Calgary! That's ok... We can warm up with this smokin' hot Hot Wheels race!

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Jav74 11/7/18

You’ll get the track ironed out. At least it’s not the same problem every round. And I think the pick pit idea is great. It makes a smooth transition from your race end to picking tomorrows cars. 

  • Yeah.. It'll come... And I agree that at least it's not the same exact problem everytime.. It does add some excitement to thing..hehe — HotWheelsCalgary

It's a wintery Wednesday in Calgary! Its a good thing that Birdco Raceway is an indoor track! No snow plow required!

The weekend is just around the corner... Hopefully it comes as fast as the racing at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Have a great day everyone!

It's Freedom(or Free Them.. Which ever you choose)Friday! 4 freshly freed ferociously fast cars! Say that 3 times fast!

Good Saturday Morning! Remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? How about we step it up a bit with some Saturday morning Hot Wheels Racing? Sounds good to me!

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