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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Good Sunday Morning! In Canada, today is Remembrance Day.. A day we recognize the end of WWI and all of the men and women who gave their lives so we may live in freedom. Don't forget to take a moment to remember or even thank a veteran for their service and sacrifice. Have a great day of freedom!

It's Monday! A whole new week! Let's start this week on a good note... With Hot Wheels Racing!

I'm calling today 2 For Turning Point Tuesday! Why? Double the points in the points run every Tuesday and Birdco Raceway received a small adjustment that makes the racing even better on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

It's a Hot Wheeling Wednesday!

I think my personal start gate malfunctioned this morning.. I'm off to a late start! I can always catch up on the day like a FTE catching up on a Metal Machine! Enjoy the race and have a great day!

This is it... If Way 2 Fast wins today, we go looking to setup a date and a time to have the long awaited Tournament of Champions, a race of the 16 fastest cars found so far in the Hunt for The Ultimate Track Master! Will we have #16 today or will the hunt continue? Only one way to know....

Nothing like a day at home with extended family and Hot Wheels Racing! Have a great day everyone!!

Happy Sunday! So the Tournament of Champions has been temporarily postponed but could the Zuru Metal Machine Bandit be the first Metal Machine in the ToC? Only time will tell...

Happy Metal Machine Monday! The Zuru Metal Machine Bandit appears to be stealing the 16th spot in the Tournament of Champions... Is it possible that a Non-Hot Wheels could wind up in the Tournament? Well, it's got a few more days to prove it can "do what they say can't be done"! Let's see if it can make thru today's race!

Its Two For Tuesday! Double the points for each correct guess! Got your guesses in? Good! Let's get racing!

It's a wonderful Wednesday!! What makes it wonderful?? There's more Hot Wheels Racing!

To all my fellow Americans,Happy Thanksgiving! One thing I'm thankful for is being able to race Hot Wheels! How about you?

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