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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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This is it... Will we get a legit#16 into the Tournament of Champions today?? And will it be a Non-Hot Wheels?? Could it be possible??? There's only one way to know...

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Dadvball 11/23/18

I agree. It's pretty cool to see a Zuru in the 16 car finals. This car is also one of the 2 fastest Zurus I have and while its won a few races it can't win the one race to get it into the monthly finals at the LJLRC. 

  • Yeah.. it's going to be interesting to see how it stands up against some of the well known "heavy hitters".. like the funny car.. — HotWheelsCalgary

Now that all that snow we got yesterday is shoveled...again... We can sit back and enjoy some great Hot Wheels Racing! Have a great weekend!

Happy Snowy Sunday! Before you go trudging through the snow to church, warm up with some more great HW racing!

And don't forget to get your name in for the Tournament of Champions! Make sure to put your guesses in on the YouTube page.. Not on Facebook! Entries must be in by December 2,2018!! Lets see if you know which will come out as the Champion!

Happy Monday! Have a great day and week everyone!

It's too early in the morning 2 for Tuesday! Time for more terrific tiny toy car track action!
(aka Hot Wheels Racing!)

It's a Hot Wheelin' Wednesday! Which wheeled wonder will work wonderfully down the track to win? Well... Let's go find out!


YAY! IT'S FRIDAY! And ya know what would make it even better? Yeah.. If the Sol Aire CX4 wins today and starts the next group of cars for another Tournament of Champions! Will it happen???? Let's go find out!

It's Shock and Awe Saturday! It's shocking that you haven't subscribed yet...and you'll be in awe at how AWEsome this race is! Have a great weekend my friends!

The Tournament of Champions is going to be LIVE!! Be sure to tune in for what will be likely some of the fastest racing to EVER got Birdco Raceway! The 16 fastest cars found so far in the Hunt for the Ultimate Track master! Who will be the 2018 champion?

What a way to start a week.. Sleep in... Late getting out the door... Wife might have to work late tonight...and... I get called in on my day off... Things aren't looking good for the Tournament of Champions happening tonight... We'll see what happens... If it's cancelled I will post a notice... But I will do everything in my power to make it happen! In the meantime, here's today's awesome race! Have a better day than I'm!

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