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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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There's only one way to describe last night's Tournament of Champions... Upset after upset after upset... If you missed it,I'll post the link at the bottom this post. Thanks to all those that took part and watched! But now.. On to today's race!

Will the Glued 'Cuda "stick to the track" enough to win? Let's go find out!

Happy Thursday! Be watching for a Mail Call video some time today! More AWESOME cars to help continue the Hunt for the Ultimate Track master! Until then, enjoy today's Hot Wheels race!

The best part of waking up is getting to open a box full of Hot Wheels!

It's Friday! WHOOHOO!

It's Saturday! Saturday in December can mean so many things.. Shopping...Resting...Working(like me)...Family...Racing...wait!...Racing??? You bet!!!

Oh No! I forgot to share today's race with you all! Good thing I'm off to church right away because seriously, a day without Hot Wheels racing is a sin! Have great Lord's Day everyone!

Wakey wakey! Come on... Get out of bed... I know It's early... I've got some Hot Wheels Racing for you to watch!! I knew that would work!!

You scream... I scream... We all scream for... HOT WHEELS RACING!!!! I know.. It doesn't rhyme... Who cares when we get to watch this...

When will the Hot Wheels racing end, you ask??? When I run out of cars... When will that be??? At the rate things are going...ummm... NEVER! LOL!!I don't know about you, but I'm just fine with that! Oh look... Here's today's race now!

Ooooooh Boy!!! A couple more days until Christmas vacation for me!!! Sadly, the next couple of days will be take forever... But this Hot Wheels race won't! And in case you missed it, here's the link to the newest Mail Call video too from last night!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! AND AFTER TODAY,I'M ON VACATION UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS! WHOOHOO! Ya know what is almost as exciting? This Hot Wheels race where we find out if Exotique takes the next spot in the future Tournament of Champions 2019!

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