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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Nothing celebrates the birth of the Savior more than a FTE 16 car tournament! Make sure to stick around for the stocking stuffer!!

Ho Ho Hokey Dinah!

And look what I got for Christmas!!... That is after some Grinch decided to steal part of it(see the comments)... But I'm happy the one of a kind gift meant for HWC was still there!

Hi Ho Hi Hi...Its back to work I go! And part of my regular work schedule is to share the great daily diecast racing at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Mind you, if you subscribe and ring the bell,you'll fins out about the races before anyone else! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas!

Tomorrow morning... 5 am Mountain time... Before I head to work I will be premiering the New Year's Eve Thank You EXTRAVAGANZA! This where I will be online chatting with those watching. The video is about an hour long so have your bowl of cereal with you. Lots of surprises, racing, laughs, stupidity, more racing, behind the scenes stuff... It's worth every minute! Hope you can make it!

It's been a year since starting the "races everyday/daily diecast racing"... Although 8 days were missed in March due to some unforseen circumstances.. But either way, today marks one year of races everyday!! Have you seen them all? If not, lets start this year right, here's today's race! And don't forget to subscribe!

Now that all my holiday days off are done, maybe I can get back to regular routine.. Including getting the daily races shared with you good people! Well.. Here we go...

So much has happened with Hot Wheels Calgary in the last 24 hours... A Mail Call video... A HUGE announcement... And of course more racing! Make sure to check out all the links below(in particular the 2nd one)... It'll make your head spin!

Happy Lord's Day everyone! Just a heads up that if you're interested in getting a car into the 500 subscriber event, you better get moving on it.. In less than 3 days, the channel has gone up 4 subscribers(to 414) and I have a list of 40+ cars coming...and growing... Check out the details in the 2nd link!

Have a great day!

As I run out the door to work, here's today's race! Be watching in the next day or so for a HUGE update announcement regarding the 500 Subscriber Event! Have you got your cars in the mail yet?

More Great racing at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Will it ever end? I hope not! Also here's an update on the 500 Subscriber Event!

One more into the line up for the next Tournament of Champions... Who will be next? And as an update as we head towards the 500 Subscriber Event, HWC hit 421 subscribers last night... That's 11 new subscribers since the announcement went out less than a week ago! At 500, we cut things off.... Better hurry.... Remember, the winner gets ALL of the cars sent in(estimated 70 cars at this point) and a 1 year subscription to Diecast 64 Magazine! But for now, let's watch todays race!

Here it is... Race 365 of the daily races!! Also an update on the 500 Subscriber Event! Annnnnnndd mail call video! How's that for a way to start the day?

It's Free Them Friday! Ahhh... There's nothing like letting new diecast cars free and watching them do what they were meant to do... RACE!!!!

BTW, be watching in the next day or so for another update on the 500 Subscriber Event! It just bigger!

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