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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Happy Saturday! Here's some Hot Wheels Racing to watch during the commercial of your Saturday morning cartoons!

And guess what? The 500 subscriber event got BIGGER!!! And it has a name now! Check it out in the 2nd link!

Wow! Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel took a 3 subscriber jump last night! 433! We're getting closer and closer to the 500 mark where we set the date for the Birdco 500 brought to you by, Diecast 64 Magazine, 3DBOTMAKER,Thunderground Racing,41-14 Racing, and another not named sponsor! And yes... These are actual sponsors! Prizes...and more prizes to be won!

I wonder if the 3 subscriber jump last night was because of the 2nd link?

436 subscribers! We're getting closer and closer to setting the date for the Birdco 500! Make sure you get your cars in! We're at an estimated 124 cars entered(actual number may vary a wee bit)! While you package up your speed demons, here's today's race!

More daily racing.. More subscribers... More cars in for the Birdco 500....There's a lot happening at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel.... Wow!

Subscriber count is still rising....442 as of this post..... Some think that Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel will hit the magic 500 mark before the end of the month.... Have you got your cars in the mail? I hope so! If not get to the post office today... But before you do, let's get you I into the right frame of mind... Let's watch some racing!!

Anyone getting tired of my going on about the Birdco 500 yet? Have you mailed your cars in yet? Have you subscribed to Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel? A guy from overseas did(2nd link)! And the sooner you do too, the sooner we set the date for the Birdco 500 and we find out who will win ALLLLLLLLLLLL those prizes! But first, here's today's race!

More racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! And more cars and more prizes entered into the Birdco 500! Be watching for an update/announcement video coming soon.... If you live in the Calgary area,there ia a prize announcement coming that even if you're not into Hot Wheels, you're going to want to get in on... Especially if you own a real car....

But for now, here's today's race!

Birdco 500 Mail In Event playlist:

Happy Sunday!!! More cars still coming in for the Birdco 500! I'm hoping this morning to get a HUGE.. I MEAN HUGE...update video done... Mail calls, prize announcements,number of cars update...and maybe more! I hope make the announcement today about the Calgary area entry only prize that is well worth entering a $1.25 cars for! But for now, here's today's race!

Did you see the video yesterday about the Calgary only prize happening during the Birdco 500?? No?? Well.. You're in luck! I'll put it as the 2nd link! More and more and more cars keep coming in and the subscriber count is up too! Enter the Diecast Racing Event of Year before it's too late! But before anything, here's today's race!

Oh No! I'm late! Here's today's race and don't forget to get your cars in the mail for the Birdco 500!!

Ugh... Gotta love modern technology! YouTube is giving me issues but one way or another, I'll make sure you gwt your daily races! Don't forget to get your cars in for the Birdco 500!
Subscriber count is at 452 now... Estimated cars is now at 174... Time is ticking away...

And now... Today's race!

More cars... LOTS MORE CARS... Came in yesterday for the Birdco 500!!! Have you sent your cars yet? Time is running out! Before you head for the post office, have a look at the competition and then today's race!

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