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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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This first link today may shock you and scare you with the amount of speed that's contained in it.... And then the 2nd link is the race!! WHAAAAAA??? Have a great day!

2 more packages came in yesterday! 16 more cars for the Birdco 500! And a bit of years happened too... Make sure you have a tissue handy... Wow! A 3 video Saturday!

Happy Lord's Day everyone! Before we head to church, let's take in today's race! BTW, currently there are only 7 people entered into the Birdco 500 that are eligible for the 2 free oil change coupons that will be given away during the event! CALGARY!!! WHERE ARE YOU?? Get your minimum of 1 car in soon to be entered into the draw, as we'll as being eligible to win other amazing prizes! More prizes are on the way as we speak! Time is running out! But before you go pick out your cars, here's today's race!

Well... Not the way I like to start my week.. With not good news..but that's ok... Things are still good and there's still diecast racing to make me smile! You know what else makes me smile? The fact that more Calgary area people have entered cars for the Birdco 500! Check it out in 2nd link!

Wow! Another pile if cars came in last night for the Birdco 500... Another 35 to be exact.. Including an entry for a young man in New Zealand! The video of me opening up all 5 packages...yes..5.. Will go live on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel shortly! But for now, here's today's race to get you started!

Oh boy! 481 subscribers now!!! Getting closer and closer to the 500 mark! Well.. More cars landed yesterday for the Birdco 500...thay makes OVER 150 cars in hand....and lots more on the way..... And so did the mystery prize from 3DBOTMAKER! First let's watch the daily race and then let's find out what's inside that box!

I may have slept in and running late but I'm making time to share today's race with some great upgrades to Birdco Raceway...and also last night's unboxing video...where I revealed the secret prize from 3DBOTMAKER! Get your cars in for the Birdco 500! We're at 483 subscribers! Time is running out! Speaking of running.. I gotta get going!

I don't know if anyone else is up at this ridiculous hour but the new daily race will be premiering on YouTube at 5:30am Mountain Time.. Come chat while watching!

And if you're involved in the Birdco 500, make sure to watch the live stream Sunday Feb 3 at 10am Mountain Time.... Very very very important stream... And have a pen and paper handy...

Goooooood Morning! What a great day this is going to be! Hot Wheels racing, a major announcement(Drivers Meeting) for the Birdco 500 at 10am Mountain Time(link below) and church! WHOOHOO! Alright... Let's get this day started!

Today's race has some technical issues in it, but I hope you enjoy it and the history lesson that goes along with it..hehe...

BTW, in case you missed it, the date had been set for the Birdco 500! A little info in today's race... If you still want to enter, you better get to the post office today!

IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT... 500 SUBSCRIBERS!!!YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!Although we set the date on Sunday, this makes the Birdco 500 official! To celebrate my buddies and I went and had a bunch of fun on Birdco Raceway... Check it out in the 2nd link!
But first, heres today's race...featuring the new 3DBOTMAKER 4 lane start gate!!

Preparations continue towards the upcoming Birdco 500! Did you know that the Birdco 500 is quite possibly the very first Canadian based mail in diecast racing event...ever? Did you also know that it's quite possibly the biggest single mail in diecast racing event...ever? Wanna be part of it? Get your cars in by February.20 and then tune in on Feb.23 at 8 am for the Birdco 500!

But for now, tune in to today's race!

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