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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Unfortunately, over the last couple of days I've had a few people drop out of sending cars in for the Birdco 500. But we are still on the verge of having the perfect 256 car bracket! WHOOHOO! Who knows... Maybe more... If anyone in the Calgary area would like to fill in some of the empty spots towards that 256, email me at and we'll set a time to meet.. In the meantime, here's today's race!

Amazing! Nearly a week after making the announcement that the Birdco 500 will be happening Feb 23..and cars need to be in no later than Feb.20, I'm still getting emails and messages for the address! Current estimation is 258 cars.. And still growing! Wanna be a part of diecast history? Get your cars in the mail! But first, take a few minutes for today's race!

The word "more" seems to be the big word on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! More racing... More craziness.. More Birdco 500 cars... More fun... More laughing... There's always more happening at Hot Wheels Calgary! Speaking of which, here's more racing and more Birdco 500 cars!

Well... Can anything beat yesterday's race?? "Buszilla" ate up the competition! Well let's see if someone has enough speed to take that monster down!!

Speaking of speed, The Birdco 500 is coming soon and cars are still coming in!! Have you got yours in the mail?? I hope so... Tick tock... Cars need to be in my hands no later than Feb. 20... 9 days from now!

Before you go to the post office, check out today's race!

Buszilla is on the warpath! How long will it be before something faster comes along and takes it out? Well... Let's see what happens today! Speaking of today, today is only 11 more days until the Birdco 500! Feb.23 at 8am mountain time! Cars need to be in no later than Feb.20! Yeah... Cars are still coming in! We could hit 300 cars! Get your cars in!

And now,here's today's race!

Well... A whole pile of new cars landed yesterday... A pile for the daily races and a while bunch of speed showed up for the Birdco much it had to be broke up into 4 videos! I hope you're ready for this! 5 videos coming at you! Ready...set.... GO!

Alright... Less than a week to get your cars in for the Birdco 500... Tick tock tick tock... Speaking of which, check the 2nd link... One the subscribers is so excited about this event that he made a countdown timer for

But before you go watch time tick away, take some time to check out today's race!

Remember the other day I shared a bunch of mail call videos? Pshhh! That was nothing! Lots and lots and lots and lots more Birdco 500 cars have arrived including 2 that have an unbelievable story behind them and a few from some folks who we all know here at Redlinederby! Remember, your cars must be in no later than Feb. 20! Tick tock! But without further ado, here's a pile of videos for you to check out!

Just think... 1 week from today is the Birdco 500!! People around the world will be watching... People have booked the day off for it(no joke)... People have setup special TV setups for it already... 5 countries... Aprox. 18-20 U.S. states... And 5 Canadian provinces are being represented! Feb.23 at 8am mountain time! For now, here's today's race.. Bur if you'd like a sneak peek at the"half time show" for the Birdco 500, check out the 2nd link!

Set up has begun for the Birdco 500! In a matter of a few days, chaos will erupt here... Hope you'll join us! Nearly 300 diecast cars... 2 tracks... WINNER TAKE ALL THE CARS AND MUCH MORE!

Due to preparations and general life, this will be the last daily race of this week that I'll be sharing over to Facebook and the other websites I normally share to. But I hope you'll check out the daily races anyway!

And now... On to today's race!

It's March 1! The Birdco 500 was a massive success and I have started to recover from the last couple months! Time to get back in business! It's Free It Friday!

Ya know... I hate getting up on a Saturday morning to go to work! But watching some good Hot Wheels racing always makes things better! Oh look... Here's some right here...

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