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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Just a quick reminder that today is your last day to get your Hot Wheels Calgary T-shirts,posters and hoodies ordered at the reduced price! My supplier has sales from time to time, but I have no idea when they will happen, so get them while the getting is good!
Email me at for more info.

And now, the real reason I came by,... Here's today's race!

Wow... The subscriber count is still rising on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Thank you to each of you for your support! 41 new subscribers in the last month! Next thing ya know, the Birdco 1000(so people are already calling will be here! But that's still a ways away...

For now though, lets enjoy today's race!

More great racing coming your way from Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! And the subscribers keep joining... I suppose I should get going on planning the Birdco 1000... 1000 subscribers will be here before I know it! Well, while I scratch my head on that, here's today's race!

Apparently,YouTube Diecast Racing Central Facebook group is something that people wanted! Wow! A 15 member jump in 24 hours... Loads of racing videos already posted! WHOOHOO! Hopefully you'll go check it out! And if not, here's today's race anyway!

Don't ya hate it when you get a morning to sleep in.... And you still wake up at your normal time?? Blah! You know what I don't hate? That's right! HOT WHEELS RACING! Maybe after a good race I'll go back to sleep! Have a great weekend everybody!

Check it out! I got to write an article for Diecast 64 Magazine!!! I'm so excited!!! 7 pages about the Birdco 500!!! Excuse me while I run around the room screaming with excitement!

Oh yeah... Here's today's race too!!

I don't know what happened yesterday.. The groups button vanished from my Facebook but today's its back! Oh well.. The wonders of modern technology! I'm modern technology could take a few lessons from some good old fashion Hot Wheels racing!

It's Free Them Friday!!!! YAY!!!!

Who'd have thought that a 5 pack car would be so fast??? Will this thing make it to the Tournament of Champions line up?

It's Two For Tuesday! Will Gazzella GT... The 5 pack special... actually make it into the Tournament of Champions line up? Well... Only one way for you to know...

8 cars in the Tournament of Champions line up now! Half way there! Will this new podium holder be #9... Only time will tell...

What great way to start a weekend! 560 subscribers! WHOOHOO! We'll be at 1000 before we know it! Thank you to all those that support Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

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