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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Almost to the weekend! Will the Boogermobile take the win today or will it get flicked on to the table? Only one way to know...

It's everyone's favorite day of the week(next to Saturday)...
It's Free Them Friday!
Be sure to tune in Saturday and Sunday for the One and Done at One races!

Have a great weekend everybody!

It's Monday! Why am I happy about this? First. I have the day off..2nd, we've got 653 subs... 3rd, and most importantly, there's more great racing this week on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Ya know what happens when I forget to post a race? The next day you get 2 races!!

Oh Boy! The first race of August! Will the MBX Hummer make it to the Tournament of Champions line up?and why does the thumbnail say July 23?

WHOO HOO! It's Free Them Friday! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Happy Wednesday! We're almost to the finish line of the week! Here's today's race to help keep you racing to Friday!

We're in the straightaway to the weekend!

It's Monday August 12th! Ya know what that means? That's right! Its now officially less than 2 months until the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour begins! Woohoo! I am so stoked! But in the meantime, here's today's race!

An important update about the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour!

We're getting closer closer and closer to the elusive #16 in the Tournament of Champions line up... Can the '32 Ford make it just a couple more days?

This is it... Do we have a #16 for the Tournament of Champions line up? Oh Boy... Let's go find out!

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