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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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This is it... Do we have a #16 for the Tournament of Champions line up? Oh Boy... Let's go find out!

WHOOHOO! We now have our 16 cars for the Tournament of Champions! Stay tuned for the Tournament of Champions line up video coming soon! The fastest of the fast! It will be awesome! But in the meantime, let's start trying to setup for the 3rd round of ToC!

Nothing says it's the weekend like Free Them Friday!

After a few days of me not posting the daily races, let's start the week with this question...

Will Rescue Ranger be the first car in new lineup for the NEXT Tournament of Champions?

There's only one way to know...

Speaking of Tournament of Champions, you have until 10pm MTN Time tonight to get your guesses in for the 2019 Tournament of Champions race to be run soon!

Today's race

Last call for ToC entries

It's Two For Tuesday! Yay!!

I know I've missed posting the daily races the last couple days, but I'd feel bad for not posting today's race.. I mean, really.. It's Free Them Friday! BTW, Don't forget to tune in on Sunday at 10:30am MTN Time for the 2019 Tournament of Champions!!!

Today's race

ToC link

In case you missed it this morning, here's the 2019 Tournament of Champions!
(My apologies for my mistake)

Back to work.. Back to work.. Blah! Let me help ease the pain... It's Two For Tuesday!

Its Wednesday... Or is it Tuesday? It's Wednesday... Those long weekends really throw a person off.. But either way there's more great racing from Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I come with a bonus!!!

Today's race!

And a bonus... Enjoy!

Free Them Friday! WHOOHOO!

Today is a big day!!! Why?
1.I forgot to post yesterday's race, so you 2 races today.
2. It's Two For Tuesday! 2x the points in the points run!
3. Today marks exactly 30 days until I head out to start the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour!(I fly out of Edmonton,Alberta at 6am October 11)
Now.. Enough talking.. Let's get racing!
Yesterday's race

Today's race

Let the countdown begin!

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