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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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With the days starting to wind down until the end of September(remember, there will be no races during the month of October while I'm on vacation), you'd better get your racing fix while you can! Here... Let me help you with that..

One month from today at the moment I'm writing this, I should be in South Bend,Indiana at the Michiana HotWheelers swap meet! I am so excited about this trip.. I'm almost vibrating! But for now, I will enjoy bringing you the daily races! Oh...look... Here's one now!

Oh boy! It's Free Them Friday and another day closer to the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour! Have a great weekend everybody!

Its Two For Tuesday! And 23 days to go until the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour! WHOOHOO!

Oh boy! Not only is there today's race but I also got some goodies from a fellow Albertan the other day.. And WOW! What amazing things are in that box!

Today's race

Mail Call!

What a day of racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Do we have the 3rd car in the next Tournament of Champions line up already? And today starts the last week of points run racing until November! Now less than 3 weeks to go until the Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour!

The last Two For Tuesday until November! Oh Wow! Less than a week to go until we take October off of the daily races! Don't fear.. If you're subscribed to the channel, I'm trying my best to make sure there is something to watch every day in October! But for now, let's enjoy today's race!

Not many races left before the October break... But I've tried to setup something for all folks who have subscribed to Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel so that you won't be bored while I'm gone.. I just hope it works out like I hope..hehe.. Speaking of working out, let's go give some Hot Wheels a workout!

Man.. We're getting closer closer to trip time! Exactly 2 weeks from today I head out of town! Just a few more races left this month... Something tells me they're gonna be awesome!

Oh Boy! 2 weeks from today I will on my way to visit friends and family in Indiana,Michigan,Ohio,Illinois and Iowa! But that also means a month without the daily races.. So sad! Well, you better watch this one and Monday's race to help get you through!

Here we are.. The end of September... There's literally about 3 feet of snow on the ground here in Calgary...and worse than that, this is the last race on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel until November 1! I have tried to setup something for y'all to watch thru October, but only time will tell if it will work out or not. I will also make every effort to post videos and photos while on the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour! We(my mom and I) leave Calgary in the Late afternoon of October 10, fly to London, Ontario early on the 11th and then the fun begins! Have great October everyone! Maybe I'll see you on the road!

Hey Everyone! :)
Now that I have a moment to get post done in the midst of the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour, I'd like to invite you to come check out some of the "vlogs" I've done over the last few days on the journey from Calgary,Alberta,Canada to our current stop at South Bend, Indiana,USA to visit the famous Mr.Moms Racing and the 60 foot track! There's currently too many to share them all on here(and a ton more coming(we are now entering day 3 of 17 of this trip), so below is the link to the channel... Be sure to check out the"Hot Wheels Strikes Again" video... Good for a laugh... And hopefully I will get to see you on..

The Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour!

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