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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Ever seen an ocean of Hot Wheels surrounding a Hot Wheels track? Well.. Watch today's race am you will! Thanks to all the amazing people that sent cars home with me on the Hot Wheels Calgary Family Reunion Tour!

Let's see... A massive selection of cars... A new points collection system that even non-subscribers can use... Hmm.. What else could make today's race better? Oh right!!! It's 2 for Tuesday!! Double the points in the points run!

It's Wednesday! It's fast run to the weekend! Speaking of fast runs, here's today's runs down Birdco Raceway!

We're still working out the bugs of the new points run system but in the big picture,it's working.. Umm... It's working... One thing that does work for sure is gravity.. And it works well in getting the cars down the track in today's race!

While watching today's race, be sure to take a moment to remember the men and women who gave so much so that you could watch it in freedom! To all the men and women who have, currently do,and will serve to protect this great nation, I thank you and your families for your sacrifices.

And now, here's today's race!

Go go go! I'm running as fast as the cars coming down Birdco Raceway today! Have a great day everyone!

Alright! More great racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Things might be crazy in life but not as crazy as some of the racing at Birdco Raceway!


Happy Monday! Lets start this week off right with a dose of HWs racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Two For Tuesday! WHOO HOO!

And BTW, if you watch the daily races ,please make sure you check out the 2nd link.. Some kind of important things there!

And now... Today's Race!!

Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel update:

It's a wintery Wednesday here in Calgary! Let's warm things up with some "HOT" Wheels Racing!

Ya know.. I normally have some little bit that I write up to get you excited about the race... Well.. Today I'm drawing an absolute So.. Here's today's race! :)

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