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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Yay! It's Free Them Friday! Have an awesome weekend everybody!

Good morning my fellow #Adultdiecastracing and #adultdiecastcollecting friends! Remember that this will be the last week(for now anyway) that I will be posting the link to the daily races on most Facebook groups due to an extremely busy life. Don't worry.. The races will continue as long as possible.. Speaking of lasting as long as possible.. Will the F150 last thru today's race to fill the #6 spot in the Tournament of Champions line up? Lets go find out!

Just few more days left in the month... It's hard to believe 2019 is winding down.. One thing that's not winding down is the racing at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Changes or not, we're still planning to post the daily races... Well.. Like this one...

Happy Gobble Gobble Day to my fellow Americans!! One thing I can promise is that today's race is no turkey! Thank you again for helping to break the 100,000 views mark on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Well this is it.. The last race of November and for December, I will only be posting the daily races link on Hot Wheels Calgary Facebook group and YouTube #adultdiecastracing Group as well as the PT Cruiser Forums and redlinederby. com

I'm hoping in January to get back to posting to all the groups but life is really really really crazy right now, so we'll see what happens.

And now... It's Free Them Friday! Rip and Race!!! WHOO HOO!

It's the first race of Rip N Race December! This oughta warm things up!

It's Two For Tuesday! Double the points in the points run! Points everywhere!!

I'm off to the races already today! Speaking of races....

Ahh! Friday! What could be better? The weekend at hand... A chance to rest(for most anyway)... Hot Wheels Racing... Wait! What? Hot Wheels Racing?.. Darn Tootin! Have a great weekend everybody! Stay safe on those winter roads! It's not Birdco Raceway out there, ya know?

I don't know about you, but I had a crazy busy weekend and I'm glad it's Monday and I can get back to some normalcy.. Like Daily #adultdiecastracing!

Ya know what's better than Tuesday? That's Right! Two For Tuesday! Double the points in the points run! WHOO HOO!

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