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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Well.. We have our 16 cars for the Tournament of Champions.. Being watching for details coming soon... And we are now into one and done pass for the 4 car race then one pass in the final.. Wanna see what it's like? Well, you're in luck.. I just happen to have the first one right here...

It's Two For Tuesday! And once again, you get 2 races! Maybe this should become a regular thing... Hmmm??

Monday's race

Tuesday's race

I've been getting several comments about how "watching Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel gives us something to do while stuck at home". Would you like something else to do? After watching today's race, why not go pick the winner of the upcoming 2020 Tournament of Champions happening April 4! To the winner will go a 20 pack of Hot Wheels! Get your guesses in before March 28! Good luck and Happy Hot Wheeling!

Today's race

Pick a winner

Another day of isolation and another day of great racing on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Stay home.. Stay safe... Stay healthy!

Its the weekend!.. Not that it matters to most of us who are stuck at home anyway..hehe.. Don't forget that you have until tomorrow to get your picks in for the 2020 Tournament of Champions coming April 4 on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Up for grabs is a 20 pack of Hot Wheels! Good luck and have a great weekend!

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