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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Have a Happy Hot Wheeling Day everyone!

Sometimes I'm late getting the race to you and other times, I'm up super early and can get things done.. Speaking of getting things done, let's get this race done... One and Done that is..

  • Nice race. That bubblematic is silly fast for the size of it. Also, how do you post the videos in the forum, not just the links? — Chaos_Canyon
  • When I put the link on the forum it just automatically puts it there... Pretty cool really! — HotWheelsCalgary

Yay! It's Friday! Have a great,safe and healthy weekend everybody!

Ok.. I've been busy the last few days.. But look at it this way, today you get 3..yes 3 races to watch! Happy Binge Watching!

Monday's race

Tuesday's race

Wednesday's race

Good morning,afternoon or evening... Depending where you are.. As we get closer and closer to the end of the Hunt for the Trackmaster series, construction of the new track as begun.. I hope I can get it pulled together in time... But for now, here's today's race!

  • That escalade is fast! But how will it go against Bubblematic ;) — Chaos_Canyon

It's Two For Tuesday and with having the day off, I'm twice as busy and I nearly forgot to post today's race! But here ya go! Have a great day!

Ok.. Not my most shining day in the world of Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel... I missed setting the time for the video to post on YouTube... Then it turns out I said the wrong day to put your guesses in for... And then, if that wasn't enough, I forgot to share the link with you good folks! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! But in the meantime, here's today's race!

Alright! Getting back on track today I hope! Not many cars left in the pit of Birdco for the daily races.. Sad... But it means we're getting closer to finding the ultimate track master! And getting closer to starting a new series... Yeah.. And I think y'all are gonna like it too! Stay tuned for more information on coming weeks! But for now, enjoy today's race!

Well.. So much for me getting back in order with posting the daily races at a reasonable time.. But on the positive side of things, you get 2 races today for Two For Tuesday! Enjoy!



Its Two For Tuesday! It's also the day before the last daily race at Birdco Raceway! Be sure to to tune in for that! Also be watching Thursday morning as I announce the new series starting next week and give you all and update on the new track! But for now, here's yesterday's and today's races!

Monday race

Tuesday race

The link to Thursday's announcement

Well.. This is it... The last daily race at Birdco Raceway! I can't believe I'm actually saying that... To all those who made our time at Birdco Raceway so memorable, I extend my heartfelt thank you! Even if all you did was just watch the daily races or even if you subscribed or were a part of the Birdco 500 event... Thank you! I can only hope that the next track will be just as memorable! But there will never be another Birdco Raceway!

Anyway, get a Kleenex and try to enjoy today's race!

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